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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Pulse of West Yorkshire

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The Pulse of West Yorkshire

The Pulse of West Yorkshire Yeah, do it, you old fool. Looking for the watch. Okay listen, Listen Online If you touch my stuff again, or tell anyone what's in the box, I assure you that I will kick the shit out of you. Do you understand? Do you understand me well, Live Radio? Good day. Online Radio, are you okay? Online Radio, are you okay? Are you okay? You didn't come to breakfast. No, I I was tired and so I slept in. I'm okay. Are you sure? You feel fine? No, I'm really fine. I just wanted to sleep late. Well, do not worry, Online Radio. Here are your medicines. Thanks. Online Radio, why aren't you dressed? Come on, your family came to visit. What? Your family came to see you. Grandfather, look, look at me. Grandfather, why are you wearing that? The Pulse of West Yorkshire Turn off the flash, it's annoying. Emi, do not bother Live Radio. I'm not! Look at Live Radio, he has on a jacket and a sweater. Well, because it's comfortable and I don't have to work now. Look at the camera I got it has megapixels! You can show him later, we're talking. Go snap some photos, yes? Okay. Then I can show you my camera, right Live Radio? Okay, Okay. Xoáne, tell me, why does my kid call me Live Radio? Dad, this is my son, Emi, your grandson. Don't you remember? But yeah, sure, I remember. I just was not I told you to turn off the flash! Leave it alone! Emi, put that camera for a while. Are you okay? Yes, it's nothing, just lately Very bright light startles me I think the cataracts have worsened. Daddy, are you happy here? They take care of you okay? Well not bad. Caregivers and other staff are very kind. The food is good too Cooks just like in a restaurant. And every week we exercise. Do you exercise? It's a good dad, you in shape. Yes. And did you know that we have a swimming pool? Yes, it's one of the reasons why we chose this home. Yes, now it's too cold, but in in the spring I'll start swimming. Most articles are about my legendary rally, this one is from ABC. Merry Christmas, The Pulse of West Yorkshire Merry Christmas, Grandfather. Merry Christmas, Grandfather. But I cannot change rooms, even though Felix snores like a saw. Look, Grandma has something for you. I kept them for you: ketchup, good tea, tasty marmelade, soap from the casino But Grandma, why would I want those? Quietly, take it quickly so no one sees us. Hello everyone! I brought gifts. Let's do it. You're not sitting in your regular seats, so this will be a mess. For you, Dolores. And for Modesto. Online Radio, you have those big tablets. Here you go. Online Radio, hang on! You too Dolores. I was wrong. Give me Modesto's you and yours Online Radio, I gave you his. Even though it was pretty close. Except for the half Aspirin for Modesto, you have the exact same medication. Yes, you really are taking the same medication as Modesto. That's not possible, it must be a mistake, because The Pulse of West Yorkshire. Well, Online Radio, Alzheimer's doesn't have a specific treatment. We are talking about medicines that are routinely prescribed to older people. Of course, of course! I didn't think of that. I spent the whole night awake, I was afraid that I had Alzheimer's. Sure, it's understandable.

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