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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Scene Liverpool

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The Scene Liverpool

The Scene Liverpool So Online Radio, we're going to do the test here while they fix the lock on the office. Or we can leave it for another day if the noise is distracting. No, it's okay with me. Okay. One moment, let me open this program. That'is it. Online Radio, tell me about dinner yesterday. Dinner? I should tell you about dinner? Yes, for example what was the main course? Oh, good. So Main course To the main course They brought us Tell me about anything, anything you remember about dinner. About dinner. About dinner. Not now, Online Radio. We're busy. We're busy. We're busy We're busy Online Radioe, calm down! Stop. Online Radio, you feel okay? Do you mind the noise? No, no Go away Online Radio, stop distracting Online Radio, we're doing something important. So Online Radio, Let's start from the beginning. Tell me about last night's dinner. Yes, of course, about dinner. Honestly, I don't pay much attention to those kinds of things. The food is always pretty much the same. Well, I guess you're right, Online Radio. There's not a lot of variety. Okay, the next question is Look, I cut myself on the internet radio alarm. Should I sue them Live Radio? I didn't do very well, did I? No, what are you saying? It worked very well, you'll see. Tomorrow I'll keep the Doc busy with a few backaches, a migraine he won't remember you till next year. Do not worry, Live Radio, everything is under control. internet radio. Hello Music, how's it going? How is Laika? Still biting slippers? What? So soon? Well You could not get me another? Yeah, don't worry, I'll get one for you. This time I'll try to get fox terriers. The Scene Liverpool Age is something natural, not a national crisis. we don't want to burden our families, if we did, they could not work Don't call us "old farts" we aren't just bags of bones. better that you call us older And up until now I can't think of anything that rhymes with "better and older" Which is better? "Call us older, because we're always shaky." internet radio, always the same. Or this: Call us older, because we're always achey Waitress! Waitress! What's going on, Online Radio? This knife is completely dull. What, Online Radio, what do you need? I mean, that Online Radio wanted to ask whether from now we could always get sandwiches? Sandwiches? Yes, sandwiches. Just a biteful of sandwich, you know? Oh, well, it would probably be okay. You want sandwiches, Online Radio? Well.. yes, yes, I do. Well then, let me ask in the kitchen and see what they say. The Scene Liverpool Thank you sweetheart, every day you're prettier. Online Radio, why don't you try the knife that lies next to the plate? You'll see that it cuts well. Why do they put so much stuff on the table? All this crap?! What they want to achieve? Confuse us? Take it easy, Live Radio, from tomorrow we will have sandwiches and avoid problems. What do you say? It's not a bad idea, Online Radio. If it weren't for the vegetables, I'd join you. Yes, Online Radio. See, some fell out. But, I cleaned it. What do you say to make him smile? Say what, to Modesto? Yes. What do you say to make him smile? Oh, it's just a silly old joke.

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