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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Source FM

The Source FM, The Source FM Listen Online, The Source FM Live, Public, Varied Radio, UK

The Source FM

The Source FM I call him a cheat! A cheat? Why? We have a story from our childhood, when we lived in a village. Llisten, I'll tell you. We were probably about twelve or thirteen years old. Loli, would you be my girlfriend? What? You heard me. Do you want to be my girlfriend? Modesto loves Loli, Loli Modesto loves Well, enough. Okay, I'll be your girlfriend, but only if you bring me a cloud. What are you standing there for, Modesto? Go look for a cloud for Loli! Hey! Watch where you're going! I'm sorry! Loli! Come with me, hurry. Come on, let's go. Modesto, we're not allowed to go up there! Modesto, what are you doing? Don't be internet radio, you'll fall. Don't worry, I've climbed up here a million times. Don't be a wimp, come on up. Give me your hand. The Source FM Don't look down. Okay, hold on. Here it is. So, Loli, you wanted a cloud and I brought it. So now you're my girlfriend, right? You're a cheat! I don't know if you heard, but Modesto has deteriorated and Dolores couldn't take care of him herself And so this morning, they both moved to the top floor. Dolores went too? That's crazy. It's the same as commiting suicide! In two weeks she'll be as crazy as the others. How could she do that? You don't understand, because you've never loved anyone, internet radio. It's just so screwed up, How screwed up life is. What are you doing, Live Radio? Well, Live Radio, what are you doing? I'm going home, I'm tired of you stealing my stuff. What? What are you saying? What did I steal? Sure, go ahead, snake. You know very well. Those black socks. Black socks? Get off me! I'm going home! Online Radio, quiet, they'll hear you! I do not care! I'm going home! A nurse! Online Radio, shut up, or they'll move you to the top floor! Hello, Sastre, how are you? Such a nice day, isn't it? There is nothing better than a little workout in the morning, right? Greet him, Live Radio, say hello! Okay Manuel, I'm not saying that it was you, but someone is stealing my stuff. And I've had enough. I'm going home and I don't understand why you even want to stay here? Surely even you would be better off at home. Don't you agree with me? Come this way, come on. Wait, don't go so fast, with the grass here I can't go so quick. Antonia, lower your voice. Well, yeah, okay, but wait for me. We have to go this way, so no one will see us. Yes, how clever you are! And in the dark, I'll fall and break my hip. This is what I get for bringing you. Yeah, leave me here alone, while you two paint the town red. Come on, they're waiting, and be The Source FM QUIET, please. Jesus, I almost had a heart attack! Shh, they'll hear you! Crawl through here. Come on, damn it! That's better, Lefty. We're your elders, for christ's sake. Online Radio, watch your head! The Source FM you be careful of the wire on the ground. Lefty, shine the light down. Shine it on the ground. Thank you, pretty boy. For nothing, lady. Note that there are nettles. Damn it, Lefty, I told you red. Dude, it was so short notice that I was glad I got a convertible. But it's newish and runs like a charm, you see? Does it have papers and a full tank of gas? Yeah, totally full.

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