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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Wireless Radio

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The Wireless Radio
The Wireless Radio Then she lied to me by claiming that she fought for me to be on this case. She really does wanna make up with you, you know. Funny way of showing it. Ironic. Her belief that you wanted to be fired led you to wanting to be fired. Do we have a deal or not? It appears we do. Oh, hey. Uh, go ahead. No, that's all right. You were here first. Why are you being so polite? Come on, you have one stupid copy. You could've finished it already. Louis, I A letter of resignation? Why? It's complicated. Well, simplify it for me, The Wireless Radio Harvey. He's the one who hired me. Now he wants nothing to do with me. What are you talking about? He just gave you a new office. No, Internet Radio gave me a new office. If it was up to Harvey, I wouldn't even have a cubicle. What happened? All that matters is that, uh, I can't fix it. You know, when we were in the bullpen, Harvey was like Superman. And then, one day, Hardman decided to just knock him down a peg. Gave him this bullshit assignment, undoable workload, unwinnable case. And I took it as a chance to break down his walls and offer my help. And I just thought, this just might be the chance that we could become Friends. Yeah. And he looked at me how dare I? I get it. He's alone. He always has been. The Wireless Radio He always will be. Always was. Harvey is not Superman anymore. He's Batman. And Batman needs The Wireless Radio. And I just need to remind him of that. What's the one thing that Harvey values over everything else? Winning. Yeah. You help him win, he'll remember why he needs you. I have to figure out what cases he's working on. The I.T. Department has access to every computer in the entire firm, syncs up every night. So all I have to do is get access to Harvey's hard drive. That place is a fortress. Live Radio. It's you. Aw, that's sweet. You remember me. Oh, yes. I remember everyone who's ever bamboozled me into giving them a topoftheline laptop. Their names are Michael Ross. I didn't bamboozle you, Live Radio. I won it fair and square. And I've been tracking every Internet move you've made for the past ten months, waiting for the slipup. Bet you thought you had me at No. No, no. Because I crossreferenced that with your workplace harassment case, and I knew. But don't think I'm not aware that you went home for dinner and used your personal computer to go back there. Okay, that's not actionable, but hacking my personal computer is. Good luck proving that. Now, what do you want? I want access to a hard drive. No way. Not only that, I want you to give me whatever I want whenever I want it for the rest of your life. And why would I do that? Oh, right. Because I just recorded you admitting to violating the law. The XJS. Mmhmm. Youyou set me up. Yep. You knew that I would track your home computer. And after you've been convicted, you'll be lucky to be hired as a network administrator At a high school In Jersey. How long are you gonna keep at this? Until I find out what I just got myself into. I mean, look at this stack of papers. It's / of the files we have on Ava Internet Radio. You need a shortcut. Well, I'm not going to The Wireless Radio. I'm not talking about him.

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