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Friday, July 19, 2013

The WOLF Radio UK

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The WOLF Radio

The WOLF Radio UK Internet Radio started in the London office. It's too late. No, it's not. You gotta be kidding me. How did you get through security? Charm and this smile. You bought a ticket, didn't you? TrinidadTobago. Firstclass? You're not even going. I prefer to not travel in style. I'd prefer to be alone right now. Scottie, I need your help. I'm sorry, I have a plane to catch. A plane, by the way, that you put me on. After I saved your job, which you accepted. So now we're both working for the same firm. Oh, I guess now I'm just one of the many partners who gets to work with you and yet wants nothing to do with you. Scottie. Please! You once helped me without me asking. Well, now I'm asking. Then tell me something. Something what? Just Something. I remember the first time I ever saw you. Con Law. You threw me some line, and I gave you shit about your hair. No, it was two weeks before that outside Langdell. You were wearing a blue dress. The wind was blowing. When I saw your face, it stopped me dead in my tracks. That's not enough. Well, I'm not finished. The next time I saw you was Con Law. You answered the first question that Dyson asked, and I knew that that face that blew me away was your second best asset. Look, you mean something to me. You've always meant something to me, and you always will mean something to me. You are such a dick. What do you need, Harvey? The WOLF Radio UK Internet Radio. Well, this is gonna take a while. So you're gonna buy me a drink, and I'm gonna take that ticket to TrinidadTobago. Okay, Norma, it's been hours. If you can't get me Internet Radio lL. Tottingham on the phone, well, then guess what, you don't get Oh. It's you! Well, you tell Norma if I don't have a package of uniballs on my desk by noon, she can kiss her trip to Dollywood goodbye. Now, why don't you get the hell out of here, so I can fix myself a raspberry Bran bar in peace? What are you looking at? Looking for this? It's the last one. Not today. You're Internet Radio. I hardly made it difficult to figure out. Internet Radio. B.L.T. Which is a sandwich. And what does one put on a B.L.T.? Mayonnaise, invented by the French. Which points directly to another French sandwich. Of course, the monte cristo, as in the Count of The WOLF Radio UK. How did I not see that? It was staring me right in the face. Indeed it was. The count returned from the dead, as I am now returned from the banishment to which you sentenced me As quartermaster. I would ask you how you did it, but I know you wouldn't tell me, because I wouldn't tell you. What I will tell you is that during my time in the wilderness It was three days. And nights. I endeavored to discover what perquisites you value most in this firm your beloved Bran bars. You're never going to have them. I can buy them myself. Even if you were willing to buy them yourself which we both know you aren't you'll never eat them on Pearson Darby grounds. You didn't. I did. They're banned. Wait a second. You're telling me that Internet Radio is Nigel? No. Stay with me. B.L.T., mayonnaise, monte cristo sandwich. Oh, my God, I'm so hungry. Web Radio What? What do you want from me, Louis? I'm busy.

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