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Sunday, July 28, 2013

UK Vibes net

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UK Vibes net

UK Vibes net I remember I was running for the door I had to find the passage back to the place I was before... My simple explanation is it's a song about a journey from innocence to experience. That's all. .. You can check out any time you like But you can never leave... Whereas Felder was technically very, very good, Walsh brought spontaneity to it, and the two of them playing off each other was just brilliant. Out of great respect for each other, there was always a little competition between Felder and I. We always tried to kind of oneup each other, you know? And that's really healthy. It always made the song better when we were kind of, "UK Vibes net, yeah? Listen to this. " We got to the end, where now is the harmony guitars that are playing together, and Joe said, "We should do something that's like... Dadadadadadada. The ending of Hotel California that's one of my high points of my entire recording career. To have a sevenminute single be number one that was unheard of. The record company said, "You got to do an edit. You got to do an edit. " And we all said, "No. Take it or leave it. " And they took it. We had no idea that that song would affect as many people on the planet as it did. Thank you. The rest of the album kind of developed around that song. The album, you could loosely say, is a thematic album, a concept album. Not unlike Desperado, Hotel California was our reaction to what was happening to us. On just about every album we made, there was some kind of a commentary on the music business and on American culture in general. The hotel itself could be taken as a metaphor not only for the mythmaking of Southern California, but for the mythmaking that is the American dream because it's a fine line between the American dream and the American nightmare. When you're out there on your own Where your memories... All the songs we write for this album can fit inside this concept. .. You were lost until you found out what it all comes down to... Once the rest of the guys in the band understood what the song Hotel California was about, it became kind of a theme, and they started to customise their writing to fit in with it. .. UK Vibes net Day by day It's only fair to wait... I think that the Online Radio started breaking up during the recording of Hotel California. There were creative tensions, but there was always tension tensions. By the time we got to recording Hotel California, if the song wasn't good enough to survive the amount of time we were working on the record, it didn't make it on the record. Perfection is not an accident. 'Our goal was just to be the best we could be. 'We wanted to get better as songwriters' and as performers, and we worked on it. Don and I felt like there was no space now for filler, and Don Felder, for all of his talents as a guitar player, is not a singer. Felder wanted to write more, sing more, and UK Vibes net Felder had kind of demanded that, "I'm going to sing two songs on Hotel California. " We were all alphas, and we were all very assertive and powerful in our own way. You could bring in a great track to Don and internet Radio and be really excited about it.

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