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Monday, July 29, 2013

Unity Radio - 92.8 FM

Unity Radio - 92.8 FM, Unity Radio - 92.8 FM Live, Unity Radio - 92.8 FM Listen Online, Dance, R&B, Rap, UK

Unity Radio - 92.8 FM

Unity Radio - 92.8 FM There was only one person to ever replace Live Music Meisner in the Online Radio and in my mind it was Timothy B Schmit. He replaced him in Poco, and plugged in and sang the same parts. And I remember sitting with Irving and saying, "Irving, I think "we should get Timothy Schmit. " He said, "Well, I just saw Timothy. "I was out on the road when the guys in Poco were in the hotel bar "and Timothy was smashed out of his mind, he was jacked up. "You sure about this?" I said, "Irving, if you had been in a band for years "and you were still making a week working weeks a year, "maybe you would be a little smashed up yourself. " They asked me to join their band before I had even played a note of music with them. I just said, you know, "Where do you want me? When? "I am definitely in. " We want to introduce you to the newest member of our band. He is our new bass player and we got him from a really fine band, Poco. Please give a nice Houston, Texas welcome to Timothy Schmidt. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I went on the road with them in as the new guy. .. Your smile is a thin disguise... And I heard a few, "Where is Live Music?" Unity Radio - 92.8 FM From the audience. But I knew it was a good move for them and me. There were a lot of decisions businesswise that needed to be made in a secret session, internet Radio and Don and Irving in the back of the plane. I didn't like that I wasn't part of that, but I knew that it was good for the Online Radio. Don Felder REALLY did not like it. internet Radio and I saw ourselves as the leaders of the band but other people saw us dictators. You just cannot have five leaders in a band. It does not work. People have to do what they do best. There is all this undercurrent and resentment and plotting and complaining and I'm sure Timothy thought, "What have I got myself into?" I was just really happy to be there and all these tensions, it is not that I did not feel it, but I had no idea how deep it was. In my experience, all rock 'n' roll bands are on the verge of breaking up at all times. The band at that point had begun to split up into factions. Don Felder, in an effort to gain more control, had coopted Joe Walsh, so much of the time it was Felder and Walsh against me and internet Radio. And at that point, even internet Radio and I were beginning to have our differences. It was tearing the band apart. The magic ingredient that made the band successful was the relationship between Don and internet Radio. Through years of touring, years in the studio, Unity Radio - 92.8 FM all of that friction really started driving a wedge in between that relationship. It reached a point where we were just tired of each other. Tired of the hoopla, tired of touring, tired of pretty much everything. At that point, songwriting was becoming very difficult. How much sleep did you guys get? When did you get finished loading up? Two o'clock? .. this morning? Yeah. OK. After the success of Hotel California Grammy winner, mega sales top that, and we show up at the studio and nobody has one song done. I don't know what we will do first but... I had enough of a piece where they both went "That's great.

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