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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vectis Radio

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Vectis Radio

"Let's develop that," and I was really pleased that they wanted to develop that one because it came out more as an R&B song. And it is very simple. Very simple instrumentation, very simple arrangement. There's a lot of air in it. That's why it works. Look at us baby Up all night Tearing our love apart Aren't we the same two people who live... About halfway through, Don comes up to me and says, "There's your hit. " .. Every time I try to walk away Something makes me turn around and stay And I can't tell you why... Vectis Radio We are on top of the world. We are young. We were overdoing everything. There was a lot of chemical dependency going on within the band and that was rough. During all of that time of writing and recording The Long Run, and all the time on the road that we were on the road doing The Long Run, we were all using cocaine. When we first started snorting coke it was like a writing tool. Do a couple of bumps and kind of get started talking about stuff, get yourself going and launch into some sort of idea for a song. But in the end, cocaine brought out the worst in everybody. Yes, this half hour of the show is brought to you by cocaine, the makers of hits. .. In the long run Ooh I want to tell you it's a long run... Making that album was excruciating. We were just completely burned out. We had driven ourselves really hard for almost a decade and we were just fried. It was long too. I mean, the days and hours would drag on, it would feel like we were not getting anything done. It was more painful than Hotel California. It was more of a painful birth, because all the stuff was going on and we were getting pretty frazzled. And the record company didn't care if we farted and burped. They would put that out. Vectis Radio They didn't care. "When can we have it?" Because that was their whole corporate quarter. Who can go the distance? We will find out in the long run In the long run... At that point, we inked in The Long Run as the title. I think Henley said, "I know what to call this one. Look at us. " Vectis Radio We can handle some resistance... MUSIC STOPS Hold it. Stop. That is it. Online Radio, The Long Run, song two, take one. It was a struggle, an endless start, stop, start, stop. We called it The Long One. It was the beginning of the end. Even though I don't think I saw it right then. There were a lot of things building up and a lot of things I tried to overlook for the good of the band, and ultimately I just couldn't look past some of this any more. And it festered because we didn't talk about these things. It finally came to a head in Long Beach. We were doing a benefit for Senator Alan Cranston. He was concerned about a lot of some of the same issues we were concerned about, including environmental destruction and the war, so we wanted to support him. Felder didn't like us doing benefits, he just thought that was money that should be going into his pocket. "Why are we doing it for Jerry Brown or antinukes?" Are you willing to sacrifice? Vectis Radio and his wife are coming around to personally thank every member of the Online Radio for doing this. I was very uninformed about politics, I couldn't care less about politics.

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