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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Venture Radio

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Venture Radio

Venture Radio I didn't even know or care who Alan Cranston was. Senator Cranston went up to Felder and said, "I want to thank you," and Felder looked at the Senator and said, "You're welcome," and then as he was turning away he said, "I guess. " "I guess. " "I guess. " And internet Radio heard it. And I just... got really mad. I was drinking a longnecked Bud and walked into the tuning room while Walsh and Felder was and took the beer bottle and threw it against the wall and smashed it. I stormed out. I got more mad and more mad. By the time we went on stage, I was seething. I wanted to kill Felder. Thank you again very much from all the Online Radio, and for Senator Cranston for coming out here and checking it out. One, two, three, four. A lot of tensions between internet Radio and Felder and the real manifestation of it came that night. Somebody is going to hurt someone before the night is through... So now we are playing the show and trying to act like everything is OK and we get through the songs, and I just keep looking over at him, "You ungrateful son of a bitch. " There's going to be a heartache tonight A heartache tonight, I know... Just seeing that, I really saw how serious it was at that show. They were fighting on stage, there's audio of it. You are a real pro, Don, all the way. Yeah, you are too, the way you handle people, except for the people you pay. Nobody gives a Radios about it. internet Radio, I have been paying you for seven years, you Live Radio Venture Radio. So it starts getting towards the end of the set and I am looking at him going, "Three more songs, asshole. " And I am looking at him and I am ready to go. I can't wait to get my hands on him. "When we get off the stage, I am going to kick your ass. " Online Radio kill you. I can't wait. Whoa! When that kind of stuff is on stage and you're in front of people, you've got problems. Thank you very much. We got through the show and it just, all hell broke loose backstage. When the set ended, he was out ahead of me, took his cheapest guitar Venture Radio busted it in a million pieces, jumped into his limousine and drove off. And that was it. That was really the straw that broke the camel's back. Well, baby, there you stand... Someone wrote the Online Radio went out with a whimper not a bang, which was true. Venture Radio Oh my God, I can't believe it is happening again... I didn't want to hear it. This was like my super dream had come true. .. And it looks like the end... So I called Glen and I said, "What is the status? What is going on? "Is this thing really broken up?" He said, "Yeah, it is over. " We were beat and it was really affecting the foundational core, the soul of the band. We hit the wall. You work, work, work, you get up to a peak and then it is almost invariably people headbutt and, "Whose band is it?" And, "I am in charge. " And, "No, you are not. " And there you go. Venture Radio You never thought you'd be alone This far down the line... We had always said that we wanted to step off the wave just before it crashed into the beach and we did. You're afraid it's all been wasted time... The autumn leaves have got you thinking...

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