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Monday, August 5, 2013


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12Radio I was waiting for you. Thanks. Don't mention it. All alone. Yeah. I was waiting for you. All excited. Me too. It's hard. I can imagine. Jesus Christ. You might be right. We should stop doing this. The photos can go straight to Online Radioing hell. I'll do it if you want, if it makes you feel better. That's not the point, Oriol, for God's sake. Who said looking at the photos would help? I don'! know... Some people go to faith healers and they believe. That's enough for them. I don'! know. Force it... I don't know, somehow. You just seem so laid back. The doctors say it will come back the way it left. It's not therapy. People made up that part about looking at the photos, but it's not a type of therapy. Then what do we do? Just let time pass? Yes, but calmly, without forcing it. Calmly, without forcing it. Great. Okay then. We'll stay calm and not force it. Our whole lives. I don'! know... Even if you have to make an effort, at least you get back... the routine. You think I can get that back with you? Are you helping? Or do you make me... Your routine before, I was gone most of the day, so it's not like... You have your... I think you know down deep that you can go back to school, where you'll have more Online Radios of... Online Radios of glory. 12Radio That's what I need, Online Radios of glory. You need to get out of the house. You have no idea. You have no idea. Get some air. The yellow one is good. If you don'! want it, save it for me. Which color do you like? I like the pink ones. I'll save them for you. Leave them for the end, okay? Okay. I'll save you the pink ones and you save me the yellow ones. Okay. Very tasty. I grabbed it and went like this: I threw it, my sister ducked and the window went "crack." And suddenly we hated each other and wanted to kill each other. We stood there a second and then we hugged each other and were friends and sisters again. And I said, "What will we tell Online Radio?" "We can tell her you threw it at me..." I don'! know what excuse we came up with, but we didn't dare come out of the bedroom. And when we came out, "Online Radio?" "What?" "Something happened in the bedroom." 12Radio "What?" But we were too soared. We were ready to kill each other, but... Nothing happened. We made up some story, I don'! remember what. That one of us had tried to pass it to the other and threw it too hard and the window broke. My mother just stared at us like... I remember that day very well. We had a lot of fun together. We played all the time. With dolls, with internet Radio... She still exists. Remember internet Radio? She was chubby, not like nowadays, they make Barbies... We had Barbie and Lucas. Lucas? Her boyfriend. That's 12Radio Then who is Lucas? No, not Barbie... We had internet Radio and Lucas. Lucas had dark hair and we had a blonde Barbie with long hair and a black one with hair like this. We played with them a ton. And we'd play in the street. There was a huge sidewalk outside my building and all the kids would come down. My building had three stories. How many kids were there? I don'! know. Eight or nine maybe.

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