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Monday, August 5, 2013

1290 GLI Playing Oldies

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1290 GLI Playing Oldies He has no memory of internet Radio It's driving me crazy. It's okay for him. It's his life. It's his whole family. His job. He's gone back to work? Yes. He's fine. What does he make of his injuries if he doesn't remember the accident? We told him what happened. I try to put myself in his place. Imagine waking up one day in that state. You're told you had an accident. Do you hold it against him? Yes. For having the accident or for forgetting? I don'! know. We don'! speak very much. What's your routine like? I pretend nothing's wrong. Especially around Alba, so she won't be sad. Around Oriol as well, so he won't be sad. Does he understand your grief? I imagine. I hope so. I don't know. Yes. Yes. I hope. I guess. You think something like that can be shared? He woke up, so to speak. He moved. He's not in the mood. He's old. Where are the others? That one's mocking the other one. He's old, that's all. The other one wants to play. He's tired. He's tired of playing along. Look how he's looking at him. And this one climbed this tree. He looks very relaxed. Yeah. He just climbed up. It looks like he wanted to move a bit, but he wants nothing to do with the other one. There's one over there. That's the oldest one. Yes. He looks like the oldest one. I'd even say he's the grandfather. Let's see if there are more monkeys. I want to see chimpanzees. Help her change clothes as well. You know, like it's a game. We all change clothes together. What about something more fun? Besides changing clothes. How about a movie? How about a movie? How about a movie, I said. 1290 GLI Playing Oldies A movie... You mean a movie for us? No, we could go with Alba. No? I prefer seeing movies here at home, you know that. Or your Online Radio can babysit and you and I can go. Maybe. Going to a family movie... We'd rather stay at home together. But she misses out. She needs to get out too. Whatever you want. No? The four of us could go. We could invite one of her friends. No. No? I prefer just the four of us Okay. It would get my mother out of the house. Then let's go out, but it doesn't have to be a movie. Propose something. Give me time to look into it. There are some very interesting activities for children. I'm sure we'll find something in one of these. I'll look at it later. I made one for you. One second. Go ahead. It's very good, but it needs a little more light. Yes. I would add a little... color in here, some shade. But it's very good. Shade? Yes. Let me see. With the opposite color, see? A little shade. This color is the opposite of yellow. And this color is the opposite of red. I never sit there. Not even to bring order? Never. I can'! see anyone from there. This chair is too low. I don't like it. You don'! like it? 1290 GLI Playing Oldies Never. It's the sturdiest chair in the school. I don'! sit on it. Even to bring order? No. Here. In any case... Online Radio Do you want to be here? I have to do it. That's it. It's something I have to do. Otherwise... Otherwise I can'! move on. You hear that noise? One of the kids. No. A teacher walking back and forth. What are you doing today? Are you finished? I'm finished.

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