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Monday, August 5, 2013

1213 radio

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1213 radio

Don't close it. You want to go outside? Let them in. I can'! tell them not to come in. I can'! tell them not to come in. Don't worry, nobody will come in. You want some lime tea? You don'! want anything? No, thank you. Herbal tea? I'll be okay. Did you tell Radios to stay outside with Alba? Did she leave? I'll be fine later, but now... Anyway Her mother doesn't want her to go in. Does she want to? No, she doesn't want to either. She'll be okay. I want one too, Online Radio Will you get me one? I always keep one. What a pretty flower. Hold on to that one. You can hang it and dry it out. And keep it your whole life. You hang it like this. Okay, sweetie? I hope Grandpa brings me one too. You can hang it upside down so it dries out and you keep it. Okay? We could never have imagined. No. We'll keep it, that's what we'll do. It's all we'll have, Online Radio It's all we'll have. You like how it turned out? Yes. Like this, or this one? You try. I'm going for a walk. I'll stop by the hotel and get that for you. That way tomorrow, when you go out, if you need to talk to the receptionist you'll have already learned. Learned what? To say, "Good morning, I want to have breakfast." I already know how to say "good morning" and "good evening." With that, you're halfway there. I want more than that. I want to go shopping and to the park and know what the girls are talking about. All right? And Oriel? What's he don? Working, he works tomorrow. When are you going back to work? I don'! know, Online Radio. Soon, I think. Soon. Just a little longer. Is Alba at your school or have you changed her? No, no. We don'! see each other, because she's in elementary, but... But she's at the same school. Convenient, right? Are you happy at school? Yes. Look, this part isn't difficult, but you have to remember. If you fold this one in, this one comes out. You see? Yes. Like this? Yes. No, this goes inside. To hold it together, see? Inside. And now that one comes out. Does that one work? I think it's empty. Are there any more? I think so, go and see. I'll go see if there's more. We've always tried to... to... to solve problems by talking about them. And... If we keep doing this, you can'! move on and neither can I. We never find the right Online Radio. You never feel like it. Could you go away? Please, Oriol. This is as good a time as any to... No. Every My one of her classmates sits in her seat. And they do it spontaneously. We don'! do that at home. Excuse me? At home we don'! do that. You don'! do what? There's a void. I don'! know if... I'm sorry. How am I supposed to come back to work? How's Oriol? In his world. In his world. I don'! know. What's happening in his world? No idea. Has he recovered from his injuries? Yes. Is he back? Is he at home with you? Yes. He's doing okay. He has no problems. He's forgotten everything. What has he forgotten? He doesn't remember his daughter. internet Radio It's like... it makes it harder for me because it's like she... like she wasn't a part of the family. He doesn't... I don'! understand. It's hard. He doesn't remember the accident.

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