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Sunday, August 4, 2013

11L-RNI Encores: 11L-RNI

11L-RNI Encores: 11L-RNI, 11L-RNI Encores: 11L-RNI Live, indie Rock, USA

11L-RNI Encores 11L-RNI

11L-RNI Encores: 11L-RNI

Do you know how? You know, this one might be poisonous. Water comes out when you pluck it. And this flower? It might be poisonous, my hand is sticky. Does this flower prick? No, that one doesn't. Don't be so scared. You're being a sissy, honey. Like this, see? 11L-RNI Encores: 11L-RNI Know what we can play with this? You've never played "He loves me, he loves me not?" That's with daisies. This one will do. It has a lot. It has leaves. You can play "He loves me" with it. Because it has leaves. Look at that baby pine tree. When you come back in ten years, it will be bigger. Did you see the different sizes? It's very interesting to see. Look at all the sizes. Small, medium... This trunk has a lot of kids! Come on, sweetie. There aren't many flies, but they're sticky. They stick to your face. Come on, hurry up. We still have a way to go. Do you like this smell? It doesn't smell like anything. Things are dry this time of year. It hasn't rained in ages and everything is dry. If it rained a little, it would turn green. But it hasn't rained. So it's not green. I've seen it very green. But right now it's dry. That part is green. It's this color when it doesn't rain. Come on, sweetie. Keep going. Watch out for that rock. You almost tripped on that rock. No, not that one. Take that one. Let me see. This one is good. Not this one, it's burned on one side. Don't be long, Online Radio Say goodbye. You know me. You're not going to discover me now. Have you gone to see Manel about the wood? No, but I will. Oh, you will... We're about to leave and the wood has to last all winter. I'll do it, don'! worry. No... I'm not worried, but... I know you'll do it, but we might miss him. Miss him? He lives nearby. I'll go in a second. You have to go, Online Radio I will. You have to do it. I'm not going to talk to Manel. I don'! want you to. I'll go. I know, but get a move on. Between your painting, your books and your computer... Okay, it's your life, but... That's right, it's my life. I'm a little angry. The kids are coming, you could spend time with them. Listen, stop bothering me. I know you don'! like being bothered. But I'm not happy. Well, I'm sorry. When they get here, you can go for a walk with them. Okay, honey? Go on. I'll go see if they're here. They should be here soon. You're already suffering. Wait a second. I like stopping to do things I like. Sure, and I don't... 11L-RNI Encores: 11L-RNI What you like is never stopping. They won't be long. I'm going to clean up. Good lord, this man, this man... What am I going to do with him? May? And your pills? May? I'm coming. 11L-RNI Encores: 11L-RNI calling you. internet Radio, we have a nicer tablecloth. What? We have a nicer tablecloth. Here, I'll give you a nicer one. Great, really. They couldn't wait to see her. And her coming alone makes it even more fun, you know? They get more time with her. How about you? How are things with 11L-RNI Encores: 11L-RNI? I'll call you later. Yeah. I'll call you at dinnertime. Will you be home? internet Radio Want to go to the bathroom? No, do you? Want some water? Water? No, but I don'! know where to throw my gum away. There's a wastebasket over there. Come here. Online Radio Shall I close the door? Close the door, Online Radio.

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