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Sunday, August 4, 2013

RNI Hi-Stream: Dave The Boogieman

RNI Hi-Stream: Dave The Boogieman, RNI Hi-Stream: Dave The Boogieman Live, indie Radio, USA

RNI Hi-Stream: Dave The Boogieman

When we stopped, I was really sad. Like, "What are we going to do?" I sleep all day out all night I know where you're going I don't rock you act that way You don't think it's showing... I was pretty devastated. I had only been part of it for barely three years, and I'd loved it. When we're hungry Love will keep us alive... We created this monster, and it took its toll on all of our lives. That one is awful. The opposite. The opposite. Okay, here we go. Let's start. I'll ask the first question. In RNI Hi-Stream: Dave The Boogieman, please. Or raise your hand and ask in French. Is it small? No. Okay. Is it small? No. Who's next? Is it tall? Yes, it's tall. Okay. Small and tall. More. Is it short? No, it's tall. What did you ask? Is it short? No, fat or... Is it fat? It's thin. Good. What else? Is it an actor? It's an actress. Yes, it's an actress. An actress, okay. An actress, what else? Let's summarize. An actress, tall, thin... We're at home, it's nighttime and we see animals coming out. Okay. Talking animals? That's up to you. I don'! know. Okay. They can talk. And... when we see the animals coming out, we see the kitten comes outlast and wants to show us something. Fine. Okay. And... I don'! know. That's all, they talk. Okay. Do they have powers? No, better without. Just RNI Hi-Stream: Dave The Boogieman Normal but spies. Yeah. Okay. We should pick a few of them. Two giraffes, two oats, two dogs. No, I mean we can pick three or four. We can pick the cat, the dog, the rabbit or the lion. All of them. All of them? Yes. And one would be the cat. Okay. The cat wants to tell us something. Let's go see. Let's go. You see the animals? How cool. Sometimes it isn't easy to reinvent things. But it's pretty easy in general. Easy? Yeah. I find myself doing things my Online Radio used to do and I prepare dishes I didn't like when I was a kid and now I make lentils every week. For revenge? No, because I love them now. And the girls do too. For their nutritional value. That's right. No kid anywhere likes lentils. No, mine do. They're awful. No, that depends. Come over for lunch sometime. No, I like them. But a child isn't aware of nutritional value. But they're good. If you make them right. With a little chorizo. They're not the same without chorizo. With lardons. We make them with lardons here. If you take care of the presentation... How? The presentation. Well, lentils... I don'! know how to present them... Me neither. Please, tell. Not like in a school cafeteria, they throw it on the plate. And it splatters. Have a good week. Thanks. Goodbye. Hi. Everything okay? Yes. I'll be right with you. I'm preparing a class. Wait. Let's see what he's prepared. What? Let's see what he's prepared. Yeah. We've talked about it a lot. I'll always remember it. I'll always remember how you were born. Without the typical scream, without screaming your lungs out. You were born swimming. You were like this. You looked completely calm. After that they picked you up and when you were ready you started crying. But after seconds of magic. Well, magic... If I'd seen you, I'd have told them to slap you. No, no. She just sat there. No, it was peaceful. Because this one came out screaming. "What lungs!", I said. And the other... That's why you're such a good swimmer. It looked like you were swimming. Not you. You came out, "RNI Hi-Stream: Dave The Boogieman" I'll park the car and be right in. Park the car? Okay. Hi, sweetie. Here, come in. Come in, sweetie. I couldn't wait to see you. I couldn't wait to see you, my princess. Even if it's only you. One is better than none. Want to play cards? I was playing to pass the time.

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