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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

16 Handles

16 Handles, 16 Handles Radio Live, 16 Handles Listen Online, Varied, USA

16 Handles

16 Handles Losing a brother with his whole life before him crushed me and I still am. Talking about it makes me upset at a time like this and it affects me more. But sometimes I don'! think about it and I'm all right. The same will happen with internet Radio You'll see. Everything goes on, unfortunately everything wears off and we have to go through it together. With Oriol and your mother, the four of us. We have to take care of each other. I don'! know what to say. I don'! know what to say. I know all this, Radios They're things you can'! see coming. But you've been through this before. What? You've been through this before. But it's not the same. Losing a brother isn't the same as losing a granddaughter. I don'! want to distract you telling you about my brother, but I'm just saying so you know that with time... You don'! see it? This goes over here. The legs are too short. I think it's okay. A little weird. What's wrong? The legs are too short. Let me see yours. It's as pretty as a postcard. I feel like giving her a hug. It's very sensual, look. A necklace? Very nice! Good lord. You need to shine the broach. Wash it off. 16 Handles those things look like jelly! Could you do it? Sure. I was playing with internet Radio until they left. A little before. I can'! stop thinking about it. But I don'! know. I'll take you if you want, but... I need to go there. It's an absurd place. I don'! know how it could have happened. I don'! understand. Something stupid. Can you take me? Of course I can. Whenever you want. This is where it happened. I'm exhausted... Are you going to read? A little. Until I fall asleep. I'm on an interesting page. Something crazy happened to me today. What? So things were really tense between us. I left USA, we weren't talking. It was awful. After that, things calmed down. We wrote to each other, we spoke. Things went back to normal. It was tense. It wasn't very positive. But it was good that it was the last time we saw each other. I didn't know at the time, but I never saw my adoptive father again. That's right. It was a big surprise for him too. I remember when we got out of the taxi with my older brother, my mother heard a car parking. She came out, she knew he was coming... She saw him get out of the taxi and open the trunk... It was dark, it was at night. It was around PM. She saw me get out after him... 16 Handles My mother was wearing glasses, she's myopic. So she was trying to see us in the dark... After she said all she could see was a big ball of hair and she didn't know who it was. So that's it. So I went into my adoptive father's bedroom. He was lying on the bed... He was ill? He's been ill for years. He was ill without being ill. It's been years, I don'! know. years. He was going through a depression. He was lying on his bed, sitting up... stretched out... 16 Handles My other father, my dad, was sitting on the edge of the bed... He was right next to him. I walked in and they both looked at me. They all wear glasses. They all turned and looked at me... So it was nice? Yes. I rushed into his arms, then into the other's... It was very nice. From those hours, that's the scene that stays with me.

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