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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel

181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel, 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel Live, 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel Listen Online, Rock Radio, USA

181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel

181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel It's like... Together. Everybody together, let's go. How many candles are there? Four. Ten. "To go... Gone. Okay? We'll learn irregular verbs after. But the regular endings are: "ed" and "ied." The verb "to study." Participle? "Studied." We take off the "y" and... "Studed." No. "Studied." "Studied." Okay? Let's see... Guillaume. Past tense of the verb "to study".Do it quieter. Stop! Quieter, you'll wake everybody. Voilà! 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel Wait! Good, where are your teeth? There must be box where he stores them. Is that it, there? Yes, that's it! I've got a lockpick. Leave it, I got it. You got it? How? Non, Barbie dress up! No, not like that! Stop. It's open. Are you crazy? It's open, isn't it? Barbie dress up, I can' carry this alone! Oh, no! I'm sleepy! You promised! Afterwards we're even, you won't ask any more favours? We're even. I'll see if anyone's around, wait. You can come out... Barbie dress up, wait! A bear goes to bed early, 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel especially in winter. canines plus premolars... 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel I had forbidden you to come down until... 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel It's incredible! It's fabulous! Look at that! How did you...? How did she...? Bravo, Barbie! I'm proud of you! Allez, long live 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel Long live Barbie! Long live 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel Long live Barbie! Barbie, Barbie... The Bbig... Bbad Bear! Barbie dress up? Barbie! Do you know this... this... And you brought him here?! And she doesn't believe in the Big Bad Bear! Everyone told her: watch out for the Big.. I'm alome in the world. Nobody loves me and I have no home. Oh Ià Ià. What about me? Does anybody love me? Did you do this, Barbie? It's wonderful! Looks exactly like me. A Barbie who can do that, isn't alone in the world. You're a great artist. Not exactly. That's why I'm alone. They don't want me to draw. They want me to be a dentist. Oh yeah. I know that well. I wanted to do theater and music, and tell stories. But no, can you imagine. The wanted me to be a judge, like my father, my grandfather, my uncle and my greatuncle. Go make music somwhere else, 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel dress up. Barbie dress up you're busting my eardrums with your stories. Stop singing, Online Radio You'd better learn law. Look. No, Barbie, You'd better stay below. I don't want to see or hear you. Isn't this a nice portrait? Come with me, Barbie. Get your paints, and come! We'll build you a studio, 181.FM - 80's Hairband Channel A painter's studio. A real one! That'll be my first real painting. What'll you paint? The Big Bad Bear, let's say. There! Nice and fierce...

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