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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

181.FM - 90's Alternative

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181.FM - 90's Alternative

You wanna go back to your barracks? Right now, it's kinda nice just hanging out like this. All right, give it a shot. Sputtering Oh, hey guys. MB! What's up? Sighs Just putting the sharks to bed. Actually, the sharks might be put down permanently. 181.FM - 90's Alternative Mac told me we're closing the parks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Really? Why? Not enough business. I guess that new water park's killing us. That sucks. Oh man, I love this job. I know, me too. Well, isn't there something we can do? Like... twoforone coupons or singles day? Tools clanking Do you guys need a ride or something? No. Nah, I think I got it. Here, try again. Engine starts Oh! Women chuckle Well, now that's up and running. Maybe you can use that magic toolbox on Maui. They can't close 181.FM - 90's Alternative Some things... are just permanent. Oh, I... I dream of you every single night... Breathing heavily How could I have not realized tell you what I'm on baby, I'm... Both laughing I can't think of a better way to celebrate the death of abstinenceonly education. Well, your shirt seems to be very much proabstinence. That works, too. Both laugh My heart's in overload because of you My heart's in overload... Police radio chatter because of you... Taps Oh. Whirring Police radio chatter License and registration. I wasn't aware we were speeding, Officer. Ha. Very funny. You're not allowed to be parked here. License and registration. You're familiar with diplomatic immunity? I'm with the British consulate and while in this country, as I'm sure you know, I'm immune from prosecution. You gotta be kidding me. I assure you I'm not. Call the consulate if you like. Is this car yours or hers? Hers, but as long as I'm in it, the car is considered sovereign British soil. Therefore, my deaf cousin here enjoys the same immunities from prosecution. Look, get outta here and don't come back. Both laugh Diplomatic immunity? Are you insane? It's the accent. It freaks you people out. Did you tell him I was your cousin? That's gross! Well, we are in the south. Midwest. Whatever. You're dangerous. You have no idea. Car departs 181.FM - 90's Alternative My heart's in overload because of you. Theme music playing I bet you did not know that our treadmill can go one mile an hour. Oh yes, it can. Toby's waitlisted at Wash U. You're reading our kids' mail now? I was cleaning his studio. Isn't it great news? "Regarding your recent inquiry. We are happy to inform you" Wow. He must've called 'em. Does this mean he's getting second thoughts about the wedding or does he wanna do college too? We could ask him. Absolutely not. This is delicate territory. If we press him "If you would like to include any additional materials to your application, we would..." bup bup bup. Oh. Waiting list is packed. Well, he already got in once and... Maybe we could ask your dad to make a call. No. 181.FM - 90's Alternative, this is for Toby. Why would we do that? When we know exactly how that would turn out with one of us getting insulted. So what? It's worth a shot. Forget it, Live Radio. I am not asking my father for a favor. Well, then I'll ask him. It won't be a favor for you.

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