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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

181.FM - 90's Country

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181.FM - 90's Country

It'll be a favor for me. Fine, you ask. It's like my dad got killed all over again. My wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of my life. And instead I'm just going to be full of hate. Sighs Maybe you don't have to be. What if we talked to the guy? You mean see him in prison? Look him in the eye and show him what he has taken from you. I don't know if I can do that. I want you to be happy at our wedding. If you think facing him will help at all, then I think we should. "181.FM - 90's Country"? I thought you said it begins with "C." Hey! How goes the business of the state? What's a fiveletter word for "statement of beliefs"? I can see I'm not interrupting anything. Can I get your opinion on something? Sure, what's up? Okay, well, you know that new water park, Poseidon's Cove. Oh, right. That place looks incredible. Yeah, well, it's kind of drowning Maui, Kansas. We're going dark two days a week now. Another death at the hands of a corporate conglomerate. You just said it looked amazing. Political context. Go on. Okay, well, I've been trying to think of different theme days to bring in more business. And I was thinking what about "181.FM - 90's Country Day"? Is that offensive or awesome? Definitely awesome! That's what I was hoping you'd say. So can you help me think of different places that I could reach out to? I mean Online Radio obviously, but where else? Well, there's a bunch of message boards. I can do that. Oh great. So what should we do? Oh! You should show "Deafenstein"! We did it once for a fundraiser for Online Radio. I swear every deaf person in KC came. I knew you were the person to ask. Laughs We can ask Emmett. He set it up. By the way, credo, "statement of belief." As in "by any means necessary." Ta. That guy's like a oneman revolution. Okay, so I can get everything going with Emmett, but I just need to know what day you were thinking of. That's okay. I can ask him. Oh. You two are... Online Radio Please, that's ancient history. So he's okay with you and Ty? I actually haven't mentioned that. Laughs nervously Okay, it's not like we report to each other on who we're dating. Sighs Yeah, okay. Hey. Hi. I am actually here on official business. I've been thinking about redoing the carwash. Laughs Maybe some paisley sponges or some midcentury modern towels? Ha ha, very funny. You think I'm kidding, but I'm talking about my office and the customer waiting area. I think you would be perfect. I'd love to. But full disclosure my experience is still kinda limited. internet Radio, I saw what you did with the guesthouse. I know I'm in good hands. John, you don't have to do this. I want to. So I'll let Toby know that you'll be in touch, and you guys can get to work. Sure. Thank you. I appreciate it. Please. 181.FM - 90's Country Door opens, closes Bell rings Engine idling Why can't we just project your DVD copy? Is it illegal or something? _ _ Paper rustles Oh, okay. There's only a minute left. Shouldn't we bid? Sighs Fine, but when you and I have to reenact "181.FM - 90's Country" onstage "Rocky Horror" style, I'm blaming you. Breathing deeply Tools clanging seconds. It's my laptop, I'm pulling rank.

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