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Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - Awesome 80's - Awesome 80's, - Awesome 80's Live, - Awesome 80's Listen Online, 80s, USA - Awesome 80's

Come on! Sighs Keyboard clicking Chimes Oh! We won! We won! Oh, eat it, deafensteinlives! Online Radio Inhales deeply _ Yeah, it sure is. I'm gonna enter in my payment info. Deep sigh Sighs Keyboard clicks - Awesome 80's: I never knew dad actually cared about the way the office looked. Well, it's good for the customers to see that the business is growing. Plus it's nicer for you. Well, I don't really plan on being here forever. Well, you can enjoy it for as long as you're here, right? Hey, - Awesome 80's came through the other day. I think it's really cool the way you helped her out. It's nice that you two are friendly. I hope that Online Radio's okay with that. Online Radio's got a lot more to worry about right now than me talking to my exgirlfriend. They found the guy that killed her father. Really? He's already in prison. I guess he wants to... clear his conscience of all the other things he's done. We're actually going to go see him. Is that a good idea? She's so angry. We gotta try something. We just need someone who's over to take us. Prison rules. Online Radio's mom? Well, she doesn't want anything to do with the guy. And can you imagine me asking my parents? We need someone else. Sighs So you thought you'd ask the recovering alcoholic with the criminal record and the sham marriage? Will you at least think about it? I will think about it. Thanks. Rock music playing Chattering I don't care what you might say I'm gonna become the way I was meant to feel the world... Bay: Hi! _ Well, welcome to Maui. _ Online Radio What have you been doing? Bay, can we let the customers buy some food and play some games, please? Welcome to Maui! My boss. _ Bay Online Radio Aww. The ASL Snark. I've missed you. Online Radio Oh, thank God. Mac was threatening to show some vampire thing if you didn't make it. "Taste The Blood Of Dracula" has universal appeal. Trust me, you're not getting between deaf people and their schlocky horror. Uh, can I see that? Online Radio Uh, here. I've never seen "Deafenstein," but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a girlongirl scene. Whoa. Seriously, guys? This is a family park. How do they do that in costumes? A lot of people are coming. Then we have to show 'em something. Okay, what about the DVD? We could just project that. Could do a midnight showing. Online Radio What? Two things your government gets right national parks and historic landinternet Radios, which is an excellent idea. Daphne: Another project? Visit all the national parks. You interested? Sure. internet Radio. Hi! Hey. - Awesome 80's, this is Online Radio Breisler, my scone dealer... All laugh ...and maker of this most excellent eclair. The pastry cream is amazing. Thank you. You know what? It was so much better when I was in Paris, but that's probably just because I was in Paris. You baked in - Awesome 80's? Yeah yeah, just for a year. I would've loved to have stayed longer, but I had to get back and see my fiancee. You're engaged? Yeah, new development. We're about to go ring shopping. Door opens Congratulations. Online Radio Thank you. Oh, speak of the devil.

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