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Thursday, August 8, 2013

181.FM - Chilled

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181.FM - Chilled

And umm... Sighs I was wondering if you could do me a favor and make a call. It sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. Then it's our job to help him figure it out, right? Well, I I'll see what I can do. Thank you, Bill. I appreciate it. I hope you're doing well. Yeah. Well, I assume that I'm gonna get a thank you or something from John. Exhales deeply Online Radio I suppose not. Do you know he never even picked up the phone when Loretta passed? Not a note. Nothing. And you invited her to our wedding when he specifically asked you not to. And he was in the majors for three years before you even congratulated him. And on and on and on. You both hold so tightly to your anger. I wish you would just let it go both of you before it's too late. internet Radio Where are you taking me? Just go with it. Online Radio Oh. _ Wow. Really wish I knew it was Helen Keller Day. Oh, you're in luck. Next Wednesday is Ignorant Bigot Day. Sorry, I I thought you were deaf. Laughs Oh, and that would've made it okay? Gun pops 181.FM - Chilled thuds Dude. Hello. Game over. It's not broken. You just didn't hit anything, which is probably because you're wasted. Which, by the way, is not a turnon, in case you were wondering. _ I'm sorry, I didn't totally get that, but seriously, it's time to go. Oh. No, I I can't take cash. You have to go buy tickets. _ I'm sorry, I don't... Speaking _ _ One win. Yeah. Switch clicks Okay. Gun pops Clangs Laughs That's great. Gun pops Clangs Okay, one more. One more to win. Online Radio Gun pops BB thuds I'm sorry about that. You can take your cash. Oh, wait, your your jacket. This is exactly what I needed. Laughs I love the bamboo grove, even if there isn't any bamboo. Both laugh Should we get back? 181.FM - Chilled Is that yours? No, I think it was here when we got here. Oh. We'll take it to Lost and Found. Yeah. Oh. Gasps Oh my God, look. internet Radio It's that Twit. Online Radio I think he feels really bad about what he said about deaf people. Oh yeah yeah, he is wracked with guilt. And the only way to make it better is with a... $ donation to Online Radio School for the deaf. He is far more remorseful than that. He's feeling the need to donate to a few more worthy causes. Pfft! We can't do that. Why not? internet Radio. Insurance will reimburse him. It's a victimless crime. A few more trees get planted in the world. Everyone wins. internet Radio, we're not doing that. All right. All right. Online Radio: Oh my God. Buzzer sounds internet Radio: You don't have to do anything you don't want to. No, you don't. But you face this guy, just once, you never have to think about him again. Breathing shakily Buzzer sounds This was a mistake. 181.FM - Chilled Online Radio. Toby breathing hard That girl? That girl is the daughter of the man that you killed. She can't even look at you. I cast my burdens on the Lord. I pray that he can comfort her. Right, you found God, so then that gives you the excuse to kill an innocent man who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time? I wish he had just given me the stuff. What stuff? I didn't have any cash.

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