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Friday, August 9, 2013

181.FM - Christmas Power

181.FM - Christmas Power, 181.FM - Christmas Power Live, 181.FM - Christmas Power listen online, Top 40, USA

181.FM - Christmas Power

181.FM - Christmas Power I don't have to go back in that hole for a little longer. That's great for you, but what about me? What? Were you were you just gonna spring this on me two days before you disappear like last time? No. Do you have any idea how devastated I was? Not so devastated that you didn't go straight to Emmett. That is not fair. It's what happened. I left and you dropped me as soon as you could. And it's pretty clear that's how it's gonna go this time, too. So why don't I just save you the trouble? Perfect. Why don't you? Ahh. Engine stops Oh my God. I know. Well, are you gonna tell her? She worships her dad. I mean, you should hear the way she talks about him. I can't drop this on her, not right before the wedding. Sighs Her mom either already knows or will find out soon enough. In my experience, most secrets come out eventually. And if she has to find out from someone... wouldn't it be best coming from you? Sighs All I wanted was to make things better for her. People chattering Online Radio I was wondering where you disappeared to. I signed us up for "Poker Face." So what did you do? Call Online Radio and tell her that I dated Jeff? Why did you do that? I hate seeing people lie and get away with it. You know that. They're in a huge fight now. It's not my fault. What, so you're just okay with blowing up somebody's engagement, or stealing a credit card or blackmailing a senator? You took the money out of that wallet. It was like bucks! It's different! And we both decided to send that text to Coto. The only difference between you and me is I don't lie to myself about who I am or what I'm willing to do to fight for what is right. I'm gonna go. Door opens You talk to him? Yes, I did. John humphs Door closes He find a way to insult me? Uh, John? Yeah? How's the ticker? I think I'll go clean the kitchen. The ticker is recuperating. That's good. Good. What the hell are those things? 181.FM - Christmas Power makes me eat those. What does she look like, anyway? Does she have any 181.FM - Christmas Power in her at all? Yeah. Actually quite a bit. Hmm. You know, I wouldn't I wouldn't mind... meeting her someday. Inhales sharply Keyboard clicking You feel like staying for dinner? Sure. Why not? Frame clatters Online Radio: Peonies are pretty, right? Yeah, they look nice. Inhales deeply Sorry, I don't know how to talk about flowers. You know, you've... been weird ever since we got back. What happened? Nothing. Toby, what did that guy say to you? Whatever it is, I think I have the right to know. Inhales deeply Sighs He said that... the reason he was there was because he was buying drugs from your dad. What are you saying? He said that he had been buying... stuff from him for... quite some time. Exhales sharply Well, it's not true. Okay. Why would you say that to me? I don't know. I'm sorry. And you believed him? A murderer in prison? How could you believe anything he says for one minute? I'm I'm sorry. I just... I guess I'm wrong. I I should've realized that No, Toby. You didn't know my dad. 181.FM - Christmas Power And that guy in there? He's insane! I don't know what's worse the lie or that you believed it! Sighs Hi.

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