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Friday, August 9, 2013

181.FM - Christmas R&B

181.FM - Christmas R&B, 181.FM - Christmas R&B Live, Listen Online, R&B, USA

181.FM - Christmas R&B

181.FM - Christmas R&B Oh, your hoodie. Yes. Yeah, okay. Got it right right here. Yeah. Uh, I'm sorry, I missed that. Phone clicking Web Radio speaks _ Yeah, uh, sure. Uh, yes. I'm I'm, uh... Slowly Mary Mar Web Radio. You're T Tr Travi Travis. Here, sorry. Laughs Rock music playing Laughter You and I, riding high in a landfill building castles we get around while we're alive stuck in a web with the spiders and flies, singing... Thank you all for coming! Don't be a stranger, stay out of danger and we'll see you soon, I hope. Please come again. Mahalo! Well, it's no "Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter," but that really challenges the rules of the genre in an interesting way I thought. What do people see in that dumb movie? What I see is a great turnout. Online Radio Bay. I always come back. What if you don't? I will. You don't know that. I should've told you. I'm sorry. I'm just... I'm trying not to freak out here, okay? Sighs Why don't we just go back to the way things were? We'll hang out, have fun and we can pretend like nothing's changed. I can't do that. Why not? Because I love you. Rock music playing I wanna stay back in your eyes... What are we gonna do? Till the fire dies and all that's left is this... 181.FM - Christmas R&B You know we've got the best thing going... Bye. You know we've got the best thing going You wake me up... Did you have a good time? Yeah. You can never see "Deafenstein" too many times. Oh, I beg to differ. Laughs When I was little, my mom used to make Ty bring me to the screenings at Online Radio, because she was worried that I would be too scared. I think it was more her way of trying to keep me out of trouble. That too. Online Radio Thanks again for all of your help. See ya. Good night, guys. And when the sun shines off your face... at : AM I wanna start again You know we've got the best thing going You know we've got the best thing going You wake me up You wake me up You wake me up for everyone, there's no turning back. A decision of a lifetime... I don't want to wait anymore. Are you sure? A relationship torn apart... What happened? I'm sick of lying to everyone. This is not who I am. And love is put to the ultimate test. You know it's gonna be really hard when I'm gone. Do you think I'm gonna cheat on you? Don't talk to me! Leave me alone! An allnew Switched At Birth, next Monday at / Central, only on ABC Family. He told me that his wife is beginning to suspect. internet Radio was just here asking for you. You missed your interview with Coto. That was the point. You cannot panic or alter your routine. Now that is how people get caught. I know it's scary. But you have to get good at this. You mean good at lying? Yes. We know why we did what we did, but we do not want to be in a position of having to explain ourselves. I have to go. Did 181.FM - Christmas R&B leave? Yes. Why? Nothing. Wait, are you okay? Yeah. What's going on at work? Is something making you feel uncomfortable? Is Cchip Coto hitting on you? What?! No! Are you involved with him? God no! Who told you that? Nobody. It's just... Live Radio, that's gross. Why would you think that? Well, because of what happened with the chef. Oh my God. No. I have to take a shower and then go to work. There's something I have to do. I'll just see you at home. Melody. Wow. Your parents should have just named you "Irony." You know, because Melody is music and you're... Sorry. Well, talk about irony. Who's idea was it to name that woman Joy? (Laughs) I'm sure this is all really weird for you.

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