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Friday, August 9, 2013

181.FM - Christmas Rock

181.FM - Christmas Rock, 181.FM - Christmas Rock Live, 181.FM - Christmas Rock Listen Online, Rock, USA

181.FM - Christmas Rock

181.FM - Christmas Rock internet Radio He's responding. No way. (Phone dings) We both decided to send that text to Coto. The only difference between you and me is I don't lie to myself about who I am or what I'm willing to do to fight for what is right. We all heard. It's the whole unit. What's the whole unit? The redeployment. Back to Afghanistan. End of the month. They're sending a few of us back to train the new police. (Rock music playing) * me and my big friends... 181.FM - Christmas Rock Howdy, soldier. Hey there. Thought we were meeting up tonight. Yeah, but I have this really great idea and it felt kind of pressing. All right. What's up? So this whole redeployment thing. I've been looking up ways that you could maybe get out of it. I'm not gonna do that. Okay, just hear me out. There's injury, of course, but you're a picture of health, so that's not gonna work; 181.FM - Christmas Rock which you don't have; or you could object conscientiously. Bay... You already went over there, and it was bad for you. Why do you have to go back? Because I made a commitment. All right? I'm gonna be fine. You don't know that. Well, that's just kind of the deal when you're with somebody in the military. But I was reading about some guys who got a few politicians to sign a letter so that they could get discharged honorably, and I was thinking maybe we could talk to my dad. No! Absolutely not. Okay. 181.FM - Christmas Rock Look, hey. Can we just try and enjoy the time that we have left? Can we do that? Yeah. You're right. I'm sorry. I want that, too. All right. Are you off tomorrow? Yep. Okay. Well, I was thinking maybe we'd go up to Clinton Lake? Do some camping and hiking? That kind of thing? I mean, you go camping right? You're into that? Totally. Uhhuh. We have a lake house. We used to go all the time. Well, I'm not really talking about a cabin with central air. I'm talking about sleeping bags, tents. Whatevs. I'm in. What about your parents? They gonna be cool with it? It's just a matter of asking the right parent. Hey. Where have you been? It was the weekend. No, I mean why haven't you been returning my texts? I know we had a fight, but that's just a milestone. The first fight. It just means it's real. I don't know. I just have to process. Perhaps after we get off, we can go somewhere and process together? Maybe some grand larceny? It's a joke. I'm already late. Hey. Hey. I haven't seen you since... Did you tell anyone about me and Coto? No. Why? 181.FM - Christmas Rock He thinks someone knows. He's kind of freaking out. People gossip. If someone saw something or there's a rumor going around, it's not your fault. Just let it pass. He'll cool down. Yeah. You're right. And thank you for being there for me through all the drama. Sure thing. Yeah? (Live Radio) Did you get demoted? 181.FM - Christmas Rock Let me tell you something: any boss afraid of getting his hands dirty has no business being the boss. Well, I finished measuring your waiting room and your... Are those new hubcaps? Yep, tires too. You really didn't have to do that. I mean, a free car wash is one thing... internet Radio, the old tires were shot. They weren't safe to drive on. No big deal. Thank you. It's very sweet.

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