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Saturday, August 10, 2013

181.FM - Christmas Smooth Jazz

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181.FM - Christmas Smooth Jazz

181.FM - Christmas Smooth Jazz I should get started on these. Oh, well, after you. Thanks. Yep. There you go. It's all yours. Thanks. Bye. Bay, is this yours or mine? Um... Oh, yours. I don't pad. (Online Radio) Oh yes. You get those blessings from Angelo's mom. Remind me to thank him. Actually that's weird. Don't. (Online Radio) That however is mine. Oh. Do you mind? Not at all. Thank you. So... I was thinking about going camping with Ty tomorrow. Like... alone? We're being safe, and Ty and I really care about each other. And I'm gonna be away at college in a year. And I really think you should trust me. Are you planning on telling John and Live Radio? What do you think? Then you need to ask me if you can go camping with some friends. What? Ask me if you can go camping with friends. That way when John and Live Radio ask me where you said where you were going, I won't be lying. Can I go camping with some friends? Which ones? Web Radio, Mac and Ty. That's a nice group. Okay. You can go. Just watch out for the Poison 181.FM - Christmas Smooth Jazz, huh? Poison Ivy. Sure. (Online Radio) Oh, Daphne. Daphne. Great news. Tell me you got the copier to staple sort? No. 181.FM - Christmas Smooth Jazz is starting an intern of the year program. It's sort of his way of honoring the top intern in the building for a summer of hard work. Uhhuh. There's some pretty substantial scholarship money attached for the winner. He wants to interview you tomorrow. Oh. : am. His office. And whether or not you win the scholarship, it is great that you made such a strong impression on the Senator. Nice work. And I'll put aunt minty with all the girls from the office. She'll probably talk their ear off about Mary Kay, but what the hell? A couple of them could use some freshening up, right? Aunt Minty is Online Radio's dad's little sister. Sounds great. And then Lenny is the oldest of the Papagus boys. He'll be a little quiet at first, until he has his first highball. Right, Online Radio? Was dad selling drugs? What? Was dad shot because he was selling drugs? Why would you ask that? It's all my fault. We went to see the guy who... The guy who killed dad. He said he was buying drugs from dad. You took her to a prison? Online Radio was really upset, so I thought it would be a good idea... So was he? I'm not gonna answer that. Oh my God. Why would you take her there? I'm so sorry. You knew about this? Online Radio, he was a good father. He just... I can't believe this. Hey. All the drivers were doing it just to get through their shifts. And then he ended up with a couple extra, and one thing led to... I can't believe you. I didn't approve of it, okay? And by the time I found out, he was so far into it he couldn't get out. He thought we needed the money. We did need the money. Online Radio, hey. You know, I've thought about telling her a million times. I don't know that it would have gone any different. Honey? What are you still doing at home? Shouldn't you be at work? I'm not feeling very well. Is it your head? It's kind of everything. Oh. Huh. No fever. 181.FM - Christmas Smooth Jazz I think I know what it is. You do? Bay used to get it all the time, especially when she didn't do her homework.

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