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Saturday, August 10, 2013

181.FM - Classic Hits

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181.FM - Classic Hits

181.FM - Classic Hits who I haven't met, by the way. His name is internet Radio? Is that right? Yeah. What's he like? Um, confident. Smart 181.FM - Classic Hits Almost too smart for his own good. Is it serious? Well, we... connect on politics. And we have a lot of the same values. But? Diana: Live Radio? Diana. Diana, this is my daughter, Daphne. Daphne, this is Diana Coto, Senator Coto's wife. It's nice to meet you. You too. I've heard about you. Oh. You know what? We're playing hooky. John doesn't even know, so don't rat us out. Of course not. Chip's been pretty crazed at work himself. I think there's something brewing. I'm gonna use the ladies' room. I'll be right back. I bet it's nice having a girl. I have two boys and they drive me nuts. It is nice. Does she tell you a lot? Uh, I don't know. Sometimes. It's a tricky age. Does she ever talk about work? Sometimes. Do you ever... hear anything? Has she ever mentioned Chip? I don't think she knows him very well... I mean, I don't even know him. I've seen him act like this before... taking the dogs on extra walks after dinner, irritable all the time, and I catch him in little lies about nothing. His Chief of Staff avoids my eye any time I stop by. There's something going on. I can feel it. It's an intern. You think Chip is having an affair with an intern? It happened before, years ago. She was . She worshipped him. You know he can't resist that. We saw a therapist. I thought we worked through it. Well, all marriages have their ups and downs. Can you just ask 181.FM - Classic Hits? You know, see if she knows anything? You know, girls talk to each other at that age. (Sighs) Oh God. That was awful. I'm sorry. Forget it. Of course you can't. I'm gonna get going. It was nice seeing you. Nice seeing you, too. (Sighs) Hi. May I help you? I certainly hope so. John Kennish. Kennish Car Wash. Yes, the very same. I need to speak to you about Online Radio. Is there a problem? Yes. You see, internet Radio has done such an amazing job that my Senate office looks like a dump by comparison. I am so sorry to hear that. She's left me no choice but to hire her to fix it. So how do I get that started? You can write the address down here and then we will schedule a walkthrough of the space. Fantastic. Dean? Could you get these samples to Mr. Sorrento? Thank you. Angelo Sorrento? Yes. We're doing his restaurant over in the power and light district. Do you know him? Well, he's a member of the family, sort of, being married to internet Radio and all. Okeydoke. That takes care of that. Thank you. Well, thanks again. Of course. (Door opens) (Sighs) Is that tight enough? I have no idea. You comfortable? Oh, never better. Okay. All set. Up you go. Everything's gonna be fine. I got you. There's a special place in hell for boyfriends like you. (Online Radio) Attagirl. (Breathing heavily) Ty: Take it nice and slow. There you go. All right. Good job. You're doing good. That's the way to do it, Bay. I took the day off, but then Chip 181.FM - Classic Hits wife showed up. She must know something. You're being paranoid. She doesn't know anything. It's a coincidence. Listen, you have to get back here.

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