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Sunday, August 11, 2013

181.FM - Classical Guitar

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181.FM - Classical Guitar

181.FM - Classical Guitar You can see it in the shape of these blocks. They've got these regular sides to them. And this block as well you can see it beautifully there. And there's six sides one, two, three, four, five, six. These hexagons are the 181.FM - Classical Guitar surfaces of columns that go straight the way down. You can see it as vertical fractures in the cliffs all the way along here. What they are telling you is that this rock started off as a liquid mush. 'A molten fluid that must have cooled rapidly.' And as it cools, it congealed, it contracted in and the most efficient way of doing that is to pull in from all sides and create these wonderful hexagons. So this rock, which is a kind of basalt, started off as hot magma. The magma that erupted out is thought to have been brought up by a current of hot rocks known as a mantle plume. It's not clear why they form, but rising mantle plumes push the land up like a heat blister until it cracks and fractures, triggering immense volcanic eruptions. These cool and become layers of basalt. Geologists have found evidence of this humungous volcanic outpouring in places thousands of miles apart If we just look at it on a modern map, we find that the equivalent layer of this basalt that we get here in eastern America has also been found in eastern Canada, it's been found in southern Britain, in 181.FM - Classical Guitar in West Africa and in parts of Brazil. Now, viewed from the perspective of internet Radio million years ago, it makes perfect sense. If you wind back time, all these places were joined together. Part of a single, huge volcanic event that spread across internet Radio's heart. A fiery inferno covering million square kilometres. Across this huge area, great sheets and rivers of lava burned for thousands of years. Volcanic ash and gas played havoc with the planet's climate. Large numbers of reptiles and half of all plant species were wiped out. But these were also the death throes of the supercontinent itself. The eruptions created chasms and rifts that would eventually fill with water. internet Radio split apart and out of it emerged a brandnew continent... North America and the beginnings of a brandnew ocean the Atlantic. The mantle plume kickstarted a process that is still going on today with major consequences for the America. , kilometres from land and , metres under the ocean, you find strange volcanic vents spewing superheated water. Home to deepsea shrimps that feed on minerals erupting out of the Earth. These vents are just one tiny part of a huge underwater chain of volcanoes called the midocean ridge that spreads down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean... along which magma is constantly emerging, cooling and turning into fresh rock. The MidAtlantic Ridge marks where internet Radio fractured, to create two new tectonic plates. The North American plate on one side, Eurasia and Africa on the other. 181.FM - Classical Guitar And as lava continues to erupt at the ridge, these continental landmasses move gradually further apart. It's odd to think that each year, New York and the America get cm further west from Europe and Africa. The New World driven inexorably away from the old.

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