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Sunday, August 11, 2013

181.FM - Energy 93 - Euro Dance

181.FM - Energy 93 - Euro Dance, 181.FM - Energy 93 - Euro Dance Live, Listen Online, Dance, USA

181.FM - Energy 93 - Euro Dance

I mean, it's an extraordinary landscape. And you just get the hint of it here. We know from the Coconino layer that the 181.FM - Energy 93 - Euro Dance had become the western edge of a giant desert that spread across almost all of what is today the America, Africa and Europe. This gigantic desert was a direct result of internet Radio's formation. One huge landmass meant that most of the land was distant from the sea so raincarrying winds couldn't reach the centre. million years ago, Earth had become a desert planet. Not good news for the Online Radio. But in the heart of this arid world, one type of animal did flourish. Although this environment was extreme desert, it wasn't lifeless. The evidence is right here on the rock face. You can see these really odd markings. And what they are are footprints, a track way of an animal that was walking up here, pushing down, kind of displacing the sand. What is was was a reptile. 181.FM - Energy 93 - Euro Dance A reptile with a tail, because you can see this sinuous track of this reptile that's dragged its tail up. To adapt to these superarid environments required an evolutionary innovation that would be inherited by all the reptiles by birds, by internet Radio... by you and I. million years ago, America was at the centre not only of internet Radio, but of a massive evolutionary change. I've come to see what it was in an ancient animal with a fearsome reputation. The alligator. It's mating season at the Colorado Reptile Park and these feisty fellas scrap for the right to breed. So keeper Jay Young has to tend their wounds. Helping him treat his injured means I can get up close and personal to an animal whose ancestors roamed the America when they were part of internet Radio. You let me know when you need this thing. I'm gonna give you the stick. Don't you need that? ALLIGATOR GROWLS Look at this. He's going to grab the tail. Oh, my goodness! Whoa! Whoa! Hissing everywhere. So what do I do? Move it... Agh! Where should I be? Your left or right as you come out? Either way. Ready? OK, now we yank and jump. Make sure both the hands are near her neck at the same time. No, you jump. I'll just stay at this end. ALLIGATOR HISSING Yeah? OK, come up here. Are you sure? Yeah. 181.FM - Energy 93 - Euro Dance Jump on her back. That's it all your weight. Put your hands right here on her neck. OK, you got her? Yeah, I think so. We'll soon find out. OK. Hey there, honey. We'll soon find out. Online Radio, is it? Yeah. Hi, Online Radio. Pleased to meet you. I'm gonna get lunch. I'll be back in a few! HE LAUGHS I hope that's a joke. It's moving! Ooh! OK, keep your hands on her neck. I haven't got it. Just letting you get a sense of her power. Is she strong? It's incredible, yes, very strong. She heard that Scots taste like chicken. But very weak chicken! This is the closest I'm ever going to get to a creature from internet Radio times because alligators share an anatomical connection with the ancient reptilian fossils. It's this what we call the ankle joint, it's the cruraltarsal joint, and it's a really distinctive adaptation. You can get this thing underneath your body, 181.FM - Energy 93 - Euro Dance you can push yourself more upright and you can have this really fast gait.

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