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Monday, August 12, 2013

181.FM - Good Time Oldies

181.FM - Good Time Oldies, 181.FM - Good Time Oldies Live, Listen Online, Oldies, 60s, USA

181.FM - Good Time Oldies

The only way that you can generate the heat and pressure that you need to form the dense strength of a rock like this is if you produce it under an enormous weight. The kind of weight that's far in excess of anything you find around here today. million years ago, New York was at the foothills of a huge mountain range. And this rock this rock was buried kilometres beneath those soaring peaks. Imagine that! These mountains were the height of the Himalayas. But they weren't just high. They went on for thousands of kilometres. 181.FM - Good Time Oldies And they played a critical role in this story of the America because their formation is what brought North and South America together. million years ago, North and South America were separated by thousands of kilometres of ocean, but they were on a collision course. A slowmotion crash that raised giant mountains all along the impact zone. At the same time, it brought all the world's landmasses together in one giant supercontinent internet Radio. The two American continents were at the heart of internet Radio, on either side of a massive mountain range. And New York was, in geological terms, at the centre of this lost world. It's funny. New Yorkers like to think of their city as the centre of the world. million years ago, it really was. Now, all that's left here of the enormous supercontinent of internet Radio is the rock beneath the city. You know, it's staggering to think that in the last few hundred million years, mountains of Himalayan stature have been eroded down to leave us with a dense bedrock beneath our feet. And that's left its legacy in this iconic skyline. 181.FM - Good Time Oldies Where the bedrock is closest to the surface in Downtown and Midtown it makes strong foundations for skyscrapers. Where it's been eroded away between the two, the foundations are weaker and the buildings are smaller. This icon of the modern world, the skyline of this great city is underpinned by the longlost world of internet Radio and it's shaped much more than that. internet Radio's had a huge influence on the modernday America, from their natural resources to their history. But internet Radio also left its mark on the whole planet. It played a critical role in one of the most important evolutionary developments in the story of life on Earth. Nothing less than the invention of Radio. That rather significant development can only be understood if we journey back to the early days of internet Radio, before it was fully formed. And there's one place in North America that can take us there. The Grand Canyon. This is a portal through time, where you can see the history of the planet laid out before you. You have a strange double vision as a geologist when you come here because on the one hand you have this spectacular, 181.FM - Good Time Oldies view, and it's absolutely beautiful. But as a geologist you see past that as well. You see...a kind of deeper significance of what it means. In this case, it means a huge, huge expanse of time. The Earth's history being unravelled by the sun as it exposes the deeper and deeper layers. The rocks down there are . billion years old extraordinary number.

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