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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

181.FM - UK Top 40

181.FM - UK Top 40, 181.FM - UK Top 40 Live, 181.FM - UK Top 40 Listen Online, Top 40, USA

181.FM - UK Top 40

You could take it and drop dead. There's no way to know. If you don't give me the drug now, she's gonna die. No. You understand me? No, you're not getting it! No! Now I don't know whether to stay for science run for cover. Do you feel him? Uh... Yeah, a little, like he's... Like he's trying to get out. Then it's not working. I don't feel anything. It worked. It worked. It worked? Yeah, it worked. [Laughs] It worked! Oh, my God. Genius. [Live Radioles] Genius. internet Radio. Online Radio? What are you doing here? I'm feeling much better. Go home. I don't need you here. Online Radio, please. Wait. I put you in a terrible position, all of you. And I'm really sorry, but let me finish what I started. Let me make this right. Let me get Online Radio back to her parents. Go ahead. Thank you. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. What's up? What's up? Okay, Online Radio, let's finish up. Okay. Status update, Online Radio Rostral anterior currently exposed. Tejal, blood pressure? over and rock solid. Any cardiac ectopy? None. Get ready for resecting the last segment. Surgiclamp. Thank you. Give me a little more retraction. Deeper. Corpus callosum exposed. Section six of six, corpus callosum. Okay, with the medial portion severed, Online Radio, go ahead and reapply the electrodes. Good. Okay, let's check the E.E.G. Tejal, good wave forms? Excellent. Fantastic. We did it. Congratulations. You should be proud. Thank you, Online Radio. Dr. Solis? Dr. Jordan was asking for you. Oh, great. Thanks. Give me some good news. Evacuated the bleed. Looks like there's minimal damage to the brain. I think Yvonne's got a good chance at a full recovery. Ah! Thank you! Mm! You're the best. Mr. and Mrs. internet Radio. Great news. Online Radio's gonna be fine. Oh, thank God. [Laughs] The surgery took a little longer than expected. There were some complications, but Online Radio came through it like a trooper. She'll be all right? Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. And I'm really sorry about earlier. No. It's fine. Can I just... Yes. Thank you so much. You're so welcome. When, um, when can we see her? Well, I'll have one of the nurses bring you back shortly. Online Radio, are you okay? Yeah. Yeah. Fine. Excuse me one second. Yes, of course. I'll have someone come get you. Thank you. You're very welcome. [Dramatic music] [Grunts] It's just different this time. It's like if I try hard enough, I can keep him down, you know? Just give me the drug, please. You could be giving birth right now, and I wouldn't know because we're still not done testing the drug. Ruben, if you don't give me the drug, he's gonna show up here, he's gonna realize it's not :, and he's gonna wonder what the hell's going on. Is that what you want? Fine. I'll give you another dose, but just so we can plan our next move. Okay. Thanks. Whoa. Wow, it's gone. He's gone. [Live Radioles] That's amazing, it's... it's like he was never there. I feel fantastic. That is incredible. Let's get more data. I need your internet Radio, brain waves. We'll do blood draws every minutes. I need to correlate your E.E.G.s with your E.K.G.s.

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