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Thursday, August 22, 2013

181.FM - US 181

181.FM - US 181, 181.FM - US 181 Live, 181.FM - US 181 Listen Online, Country, USA

181.FM - US 181

You know what? We should think about ordering dinner. Uh, no. You know what? I'm gonna go. What are you doing? I have somewhere I want to go. Hey, Online Radio, I agree this is remarkable, but we need more data. Not tonight, pal. You just make some more of this, okay? No, no, you need to stay in a controlled environment. Why? I got the compound. If I feel him coming on, I'll just take the drug. Yeah, this isn't aspirin. This is a highly volatile compound. It works. It works, Ruben. It's my first night of freedom. I'm not gonna spend it in a lab with you. But you did it. You did it. [Door opens, closes] [Knock on door] Online Radio. Hi. Hi. What are you doing here? Are you okay? Yeah. Yeah, I'm... I'm great, actually. I just wanted to see you. Okay. I... had something happen to me today that I... couldn't explain. And I felt this rush, this crazy rush, and I didn't know what it was. And then just now, it hit me. It's happiness. I can't remember the last time I felt happy, and I wanted to share it with someone. Well, I wanted to share it with you. Please don't. Web Radio the thing that's been keeping me from you, it's gone. And I feel like, for the first time, maybe we could... be together. Please say something. Is this because I'm going away for the weekend with Rob? No. Your timing is suspect. It has nothing to do with that, I swear. I don't care. You can't just show up here whenever you have a feeling. It's not fair to me. And I'm with someone. Does it not occur to you how you screw with my head? No. It hasn't, actually. It should have. But you're right. You're totally right. I... I'm really sorry. I never should have come here. It was selfish of me. I... [Door closes] You know the first time I met you, I could barely make eye contact with you. Mmmm. It's true. I knew I'd be in trouble if you had a personality. So it's really good that you don't. 181.FM - US 181 You know, if somebody would mention your name, my attention was rapt. Get out. Mmhmm. And you'd walk into a room, and my heart would pound. Took me a while to recognize the symptoms. The symptoms? [Groans] Nerd. 181.FM - US 181] Nerds have no business being this beautiful. Just to be beside you You know, it's getting late. We should probably sleep at some point. No way. I'm never gonna sleep again. I want to see the sun come up. Been a long time since I've seen that. Yeah? Yeah. You know what? I know a really, really good view. Really? Get dressed. Where are we going? Come on. We're almost there. For living a lie Right here. Perfect. Oh, wow. It's beautiful. Yeah. [Whispers] Yeah. I could do this every night. Just be here now. Say it out ooh ooh ooh ooh [Phone vibrating] Hey, Web Radio it's me. Just making sure you're all right. Car's all packed, we're just waiting on you. I know you generally run a few minutes late, but if you hit the minute mark, well, I'm afraid breakfast is gonna be on you. Shoot me a text. Let me know you're okay. Can't wait to see you. Hey. 181.FM - US 181 Sleepy. Mm. You missed the big sunrise. Mmmm. Yes, you did. You were sleeping.

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