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Thursday, August 22, 2013

1Dance.FM - Todays Dance Hits

1Dance.FM - Todays Dance Hits, 1Dance.FM - Todays Dance Hits Live, Listen Online, Dance Radio, USA

1Dance.FM - Todays Dance Hits

1Dance.FM - Todays Dance Hits One, two, three. Okay. Live Radio You stay with me. We stick with Max. Sue Jean and Theo, primary survey on Phil, get some access. I can't breathe. Crank the O, set up for an airway. Okay, that's way too slow. Like this. Mr. Watts. Mr. Watts? Mr. Watts! He's out. Heart sounds are muffled. Pressure's dropping. Let's run in a liter. And set up for pericardiocentesis. What? Muffled heart sounds, dropping pressure, chest trauma. Good, sue Jean. Good call. Go, go. He's bradying down. Lost the pulse! degrees. All right? With confidence. Go ahead. Good. Good, excellent. Got a heart rate back. Online Radio, he's coding. I'm coming. Vtach, no pulse. Come on, Max. Stay with me. 1Dance.FM - Todays Dance Hits, come take over for me. Max! Max! Wait outside! What's happened? They're trying to save his life. What is happening? Charging to . Clear. Again. Clear. Mg of epi, now. Amiodarione. Check the pulse. Another liter. Highdose epi. Check it again. Online Radio, there's nothing. Damn it. Check the pulse. Online Radio, there's nothing. Okay. Time of death, : P.M. The father's here. I'll go talk to him. Your son arrived with irrevocable head injuries, and despite our best efforts, he stopped breathing. I I do not understand. This cannot be happening. Mr. Kozar, I'm afraid he didn't make it. He was just with me for breakfast. You left 1Dance.FM - Todays Dance Hits to help the one who crashed into him. Max was in good hands at all times, I assure you. That is when he died. I saw this with my own eyes. That's not how he died. I know this is very difficult to understand right now, but we did everything that we could. I'm very sorry for your loss. He's on fire, ladies and gentlemen. He's on fire. Here we go. Seven wins! Seven wins! What is that, five in a row? Let's go. Who's turn is it to kiss the dice? Have you kissed the dice? , ! All right. Take them to the line! That's what I'm talking about. Look at this guy. We got a little bit of a troublemaker over here. Come on, you're gonna bet against the shooter? You're gonna bet against this shooter? Everybody's lucky tonight but you. Winner, ! Winner! Winner! All right, let's keep it going. Come on. Well, if it isn't the guy that tried to burn my luck. Here's a little tip for you. Nobody likes that guy. Oh, look at that. You do have friends. Big man. Life of party. Did you enjoy it? Well, let's see. I made some money. I got loaded. I got laid repeatedly, so, yeah. Hell yeah, I enjoyed myself. My son is dead. Oh. I see. We're in mourning. That explains all the long faces. Just assumed it was because you were 1Dance.FM - Todays Dance Hits. When Max died, you looked me in the eye and lied. Let me guess, and I'm getting pretty good at this, the hospital? Yes, doctor. Well, you see, there you go. You got the wrong guy. God, that never gets old. Look, I know you think I'm being insensitive, but the truth is I just can't help myself. It is your fault Max died. Well, let me let you in on a little secret, okay? I'm not some regular doctor. If I couldn't save your kid, then your kid couldn't be saved. This is what you said. You also said Max's death was painful loss, yet you do not suffer.

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