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Friday, August 23, 2013

24/7 World Radio

24/7 World Radio, 24/7 World Radio Live, 24/7 World Radio Listen Online, Talk Radio, USA

24/7 World Radio

24/7 World Radio Hey, I suffer. This is how I suffer. Drugs, and booze, and radio. It's how I cover the hurt. I'm really a tragedy if you think about it. You lied to me. About Max, about everything. It is for 24/7 World Radio we kill you now. Do No Harm Six Feet Deep Original Air Online Radio, Online Radio, Online Radio. What am I gonna do with you? You know, we almost ended up six feet deep tonight because of you? Because of your mess. I'll tell you what. I'm gonna fix it for you tonight, just so you'll owe me. Hey, dad. Morning, Ray. Your hair looks like crap. Really? I think it's cool. Can you get me some juice? You can get it yourself. Look at that, all by myself. Cut me some slack every once in a while. I'm always here when there's something you actually need. You coming to my recital tonight? I'll try. Right. Sorry, I'm on call. Yeah, I know. You know what? I'll be there. Okay? I'll find a way. Really? Yeah. Oh, time to go. Get your stuff. Uh, backpack? Where it always is. You know I'm proud of you, right? Just feel it, dad. Don't say it. Right. I'll see you tonight. Online Radio. Kenneth. Look, I fell out of bed, okay? Yeah, try again, I think you used that one before. Look, is there something that you need? I need someone to cover my oncall tonight. It's just for a few hours. I don't work nights. You know that. I know you think I'm a jerk every time I say it, but it's actually true. It's for my son. He has a recital. That's right. He plays the piano. You told me. Did you try Morton over at 24/7 World Radio, or Fanning? Everyone, all right? I've tried everyone. Unfortunately, there's only you. Will you do it? I'm sorry. I can't do it. Yeah, I know, what was I thinking? I'm sure your fight club would miss you. Ruben. It's weird to hear your voice while I'm staring at your neurotransmitters. Look at this. Ow. I'm guessing that happened to Ian? Yeah, he's saying it's because of me. I have no idea what happened, but, apparently, it's my fault. I'm not sure you should believe a morally ambiguous brain anomaly. You're right. I guess he was out at the casinos partying all week. Of course he's going to get into trouble. I just wish I knew what. Look, we have to get serious about this. We have to get Ian's spinal fluid. We're at a standstill without it. Well, I'm open to ideas. All right, we know he has to be conscious, right? Yeah. And he can't know what we're doing. Right. So we hire some guys. They follow him, they jump him, they mug him, and through the violence, he doesn't notice when we stab him in the back of the neck and draw his spinal fluid. So I get beat up again, but this time, with an unsterile lumbar puncture by a bunch of street thugs? Is that a no? Yeah, that's a no. I gotta figure out what kind of trouble I'm in. 24/7 World Radio would be gone by now if Olivia had done what you told her to. Hey, come on, don't blame her, all right? It's complicated. She did what she could. You're learning from a pro, you know? I used to play ball in high school. I was a left fielder. I even had a nickname. Do you wanna know what it was? It was "The Glock," 'cause I could throw far and fast.

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