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Friday, August 23, 2013




24HOURHIPHOP RADIO It's all right. I'll get it. And your mama has a gun, and you do too. You take after me. Hey. Hey, you're doing that on purpose. What's up? I wanna play ball with my daddy. Hi. I'm Online Radio. Glad to see your eyes are open. How are you feeling? I've been better. Yeah, I'll bet. That was a pretty serious accident you were in. Well, it looks like you were in one too. Yeah. My son has a sense of humor. Well, that's good. It means you're gonna recover faster. I'm just glad I'm not dead. The car that hit Phil crossed the center line. They hit headon. Well, the impact caused some severe bleeding around your heart and your spleen, but we relieved the pressure, and you should make a full recovery. Well, what about the other guy? I'm afraid he wasn't as lucky. So you just had an ultrasound last week? Yeah, but it was inconclusive. That's why they referred us here. But that's good, right, if my doctor couldn't find anything wrong? Well, elevated AFP only suggests the probability of a congenital defect. It's not a diagnosis. So, it's possible everything's fine? Yeah, it's possible. We have the most advanced equipment here, and we'll be able to see everything we need, so you just relax. Do you have children? No, not yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Well, you should do it now while you can still enjoy the trying. 'Cause once you reach , it's between you and science. Sorry, honey. No, it's the truth. And there is your boy. He just kicked. Did you see that? We did good. What's wrong? Hey, Jas? Hey. Do you have time for a consult? Yeah, sure. What do you got? Whoa. What happened to your face? Oh, I think I got in a fight. You think? Yeah, I mean, I did. I got into a fight. Let me guess, because you are so charming. Yeah, something like that. 24HOURHIPHOP RADIO I've met that side of you. Actually wanted to hit you myself, in fact. Well, you should, next time you see it, absolutely. Do you have a concussion? I don't think so. Memory loss? No. Web Radio I'm not the patient. What do you got? Patient Nadia Cross. Fetus is weeks old, tested positive for elevated AFP, and I identified a neural tube defect. Myelomeningocele. Yeah, is the fetus a good candidate for surgery? Yeah, excellent, actually. Web Radio this is the gentleman who lost his son yesterday. I should deal with this. I'll come see you after. Mr. Kozar. Hello. Hello, and Online Radio, get that head examined. Will do. The woman make sense. Yeah. Well... please, come in. How are you holding up today, Mr. Kozar? You did not do all that you said. Mr. Kozar, I assure you, we did everything we possibly could for your son. It is not for my son that I am here. Uh, I'm sorry. I don't... I'm not following you. Did we hit you so hard you have forgotten? You did this to me? Maybe you are liar, talking this way and that to get out of trouble, but I do not lie. I will kill you unless you do as you promised. What did I promise? Phil Watts, the boy who crashed into my son, you traded your life for his, so, now, you will kill him... today. Hey. You know you're the best thing I ever did. 24HOURHIPHOP RADIO And we're a team, you and me, and even though some families are bigger than ours, that doesn't make them any better.

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