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Friday, August 23, 2013

3WK Classic Alternative Radio

3WK Classic Alternative Radio, 3WK Classic Alternative Radio Live, Listen Online, Alternative, indie, Punk, USA

3WK Classic Alternative Radio

3WK Classic Alternative Radio I have a daddy? Uh, yeah, yeah. I can tell you some things about him, if you want. Like what? Like the best thing about him is that he cares about people. He saves lives. Like 3WK Classic Alternative Radio Maybe more like the Hulk, because he has two sides, the good and the bad. Hulk's not bad. No, no, no, you're right. The Hulk is not bad, but he hurts people sometimes, doesn't he? Even people that he loves, and that's why I had to leave your daddy. I'm bad sometimes. Are you gonna leave me? No. No, no, honey, no. Listen to me. I am never going to leave you. Never, no matter what. It's just you and me, okay? And everybody does something bad sometimes. So, let me get this straight. You promised to kill one of my patients to save your life? To save my life? Ian, there is no way I'm going to let you or Kozar anywhere near this patient, do you understand me? I'm gonna take care of it myself. So, Kozar is Russian Bratva? He runs organized crime in Philly. We've been trying to pin something on him for years. So have the Feds. Oh, God. This just gets better and better Kozar's son was driving drunk when he hit Phil Watts. He's looking for someone to blame. How do we protect Online Radio? Well, how do we protect my patient? For starters, we'll launch a formal investigation, question Kozar... Can't you just arrest him? Your word against his isn't enough, and we can't prosecute without evidence. Yeah, but this thing's gonna happen today or tonight. I mean, can we do anything right now? I'm going to assign Joe outside Watts' room. If Kozar wants to make an attempt, we'll arrest him for it, gladly, but the sad truth is he's gonna find someone else to do his dirty work. We'll talk to Mr. Watts, apprise him of the situation. Great, thanks, guys, for coming out. Thanks. Online Radio. Wanna take some time off, get out of town? There's no reason for us to take chances here. I don't know. Online Radio, they've been waiting. I've got patients. I'm not leaving. I know it may not seem like it, but you do have options. Just yesterday, it was about which name we liked better, 3WK Classic Alternative Radio, and, now. Online Radio is a 3WK Classic Alternative Radio. He is one of the best. Why do we need a surgeon? Our baby isn't even born yet. Well, you have the option of a surgical intervention in utero. By closing your baby's spine, that's gonna give him the best chance at walking. But his... No, his legs are fine. We just saw him kicking on the ultrasound. Yeah, and that's great, but now is the time to intervene before any actual damage is done. But well, what are the risks? For you? Same as any other surgery. What about the baby? Well, there is a risk that you could miscarry, but it's very small. Then, no. No, I'm sorry, we can't. The risks inherent to your child's condition will only get worse over time. Surgery is not an option. It's ridiculous I can't take four hours off at night when I need to? I can't hire you an additional attending. 3WK Classic Alternative Radio My budget's in the red this quarter. I work every day. I'm the only neurosurgeon on call at night. I'd take it up with the chief of my department, but, you know, he's the reason it's happening.

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