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Saturday, August 24, 2013

70s Decade Lite Hits - ADDICTEDTORADIO

70s Decade Lite Hits - ADDICTEDTORADIO, 70s Decade Lite Hits - ADDICTEDTORADIO Live, Listen Online, 70s, Easy, Oldies, Soft Rock, USA

70s Decade Lite Hits - ADDICTEDTORADIO

No, you're not. It's gonna be fine. Another amp of atro. Just keep going. One, two, three, four. Don't do this. Come on! One, two, three, four, five. Okay, we got a pulse. Oh, God, we got a pulse. Yeah, I don't know what you were worried about. That was real easy. Yeah, we're not done yet. Come on. Thank you for doing this. You're my last hope. Then I feel sorry for you. Knock, knock. No, no more doctors. Please, just release her. Listen, I know how you feel, but before we discharge you, I want you to meet Dr. Jordan. I just want to go home. No doctor can tell you what to do for your child. I wouldn't trust them for a second, but a parent of a child with a disability? Maybe I'd hear me out. I love my son. I love him completely. But if there was anything I could do to make his life easier and take away his disability, I would do it. I would do it in a heartbeat. Our son does not have a lifethreatening condition. I am not willing to risk his life just to make him more normal. 70s Decade Lite Hits - ADDICTEDTORADIO Paralysis? These things are lifealtering, and complications can develop from them over the course of your pregnancy that are lifethreatening, but you are in a hospital right now with excellent surgeons who can intervene and stop the course of damage to your son. You're a surgeon. Of course you're gonna advocate for surgery. It's not in my best interest to do that right now, 70s Decade Lite Hits - ADDICTEDTORADIO See, if I stay and perform the surgery for your son tonight, then I won't be able to be with mine for something that's very important to him. Why would you do that? He's resilient and perfectly capable of taking care of himself, but your son may never be able to. I believe we can change that. 70s Decade Lite Hits - ADDICTEDTORADIO Doctor. Dad. Online Radio. Yeah, it's me, Phil. I'm here. Did it work? Well, you're talking to me, so, yeah, it did work. You did it. We did it. We did it. No one will be looking for you now. Thank you for helping my son. You got it. Let's get him somewhere safe where he can recover. Let me know how he's doing, all right? I will. I owe you guys. You got it. Now, that's how to kill a guy. Will someone let my husband know that I'm okay? Of course, and he'll be waiting for you in postop when you wake up. What's going on? We Haven't even started yet! Fetus is having decels. He's bradycardic. What's happening? Your baby's in distress. Fetal stim? Oh, is that gonna hurt him? No, no, no, no. We're just trying to wake him up a little bit. No improvement. Try again. Heart rate is dropping. What's happening? Could be structural. Heart, lungs. Or hydrops. What's happening? Peak velocity in MCA is down. What does that mean? The baby needs a transfusion right now. God, am I losing him? We're gonna do everything we can. Did I wait too long? Just hang in there. Just save him. Just save my baby. Okay. Is this my fault? Where are my packed cells? Give me a steady image of the cord. Got it. One shot at glory. Inside the abdominal wall. 70s Decade Lite Hits - ADDICTEDTORADIO fluid. Get this into the umbilical vein and into our little boy blue. And then, we can proceed with the surgery as planned. Pushing ccs packed cells. Okay. Transfusion complete. Heart rate's normal. Baby's movement looks excellent.

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