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Sunday, August 25, 2013

80's America Radio

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80's America Radio

80's America Okay, now that we're on our toes, I'm gonna step out and scrub. Ray, you're next. Have you seen my dad? No, sorry. I don't need your help. I know you don't. You can't do the surgery. It's past :. Well, then you should get out of here. Let me get started. You saved that kid's life, all right? Go be with yours. What about the on call? I got an idea. I can be back in at :. I don't need you to be. Honestly. Go. You're clear for surgery, doctor. Your hair looks like crap. Knock 'em dead. Okay, kiddo. Time for bed. What do you got there? It's baseball, me, and daddy... And I want him to know me. Now, listen. I think we have been at the lake long enough, don't you? I think we should go home. Then, you can give your picture to your daddy. I get to see daddy? You get to see daddy. Sue Jean. You were really impressive today. You're kidding, right? No, I'm not. You were fantastic. What happened to Watts? He took a turn for the worst. It happens sometimes. But he was doing great. I mean, there's no reason he should have up and died like that, and then the code. How could we just miss it? You didn't miss anything, all right? I promise. You're a good doctor. That's why I want you on call tonight. Really? 80's America a pager. Welcome to the big leagues. I'm on call. Web Radio. Web Radio! Hey. Hey, what happened? I thought you were gonna check in with me before you left. I didn't think I needed to. We did it. Yeah, we did, didn't we? That was... It was miraculous. Yeah. Well, I'm glad you were there. Me too. You still gonna get that drink? With Rob. Right, yeah, of course. It's... well, tell him I said hi. I gotta... Right. Don't get into any more fights, okay? Okay. Hey, Web Radio? I'm too late, aren't I? I can't wait for you, Online Radio. When you turn into Ian, I'll run like hell, and you call me when you're Online Radio again. Come on, what's the halflife of the drug? How long am I gonna be dealing with this? I have no idea. What do you mean, you have no idea? You created it. I begged you not to take it. I told you over and over, because it wasn't tested yet. So, no, I have no idea if or when it will normalize. Okay, if my blood absorbed the drug, then I should get on dialysis, right? Wash it out? But if the drug attached to the neurotransmitters, we may have to induce seizures or use shock therapy to get 'em loose. He's coming. What? He's coming. All right, take all this stuff and hide it. What? Hide everything. What are you gonna tell him? I don't know. A lie. 80's America, listen to me. I was in a car accident, and I sustained... A trauma to the head. It's thrown off our internal clock, Our circadian rhythms. We are transitioning randomly. We've got a concussion, so you need to stay in and not go anywhere. Don't do any... What the hell? Ian, listen to me. I was in a car accident, and I sustained trauma to the head.

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