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Monday, August 26, 2013

96.3 VIP Radio

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96.3 VIP Radio Levels and spiked epinephrine. The glucometer test is my way of monitoring myself, but I have never, ever performed surgery while compromised, I swear to you. Exactly what do you have, Online Radio? There's no name for it. It's an anomaly. I'm a case study. I've tried everything. I've been trying to... I've been trying to manage this thing for a very long time, and I don't think I can anymore. So I'm gonna leave IMH. You know why I put up with your nonsense? No. Honestly, I don't. Because when I weigh the good against the bad, the scale always tips towards the good. You save people that have no hope of being saved, and not everyone in this world can say that, but you can. Do you really want to give that up? No. No, I don't. Then you take time off and see a specialist. But you're not quitting. Don't let this darkness overtake you, Online Radio. Are you sure about this? Yes, yes. Look, if we can't get the drug out of my blood, we'll get it out of my brain. Electroshock therapy should knock the drug off the receptors, just like you said. And give you memory loss and cognitive dysfunction in the meantime. Ruben. I just need more time. I'm working on a betaantagonist. I think it should work. It neutralizes... We don't have time... Oh, God, he's coming. What? If you won't do it to me, do it to him. Hi, Ian. 96.3 VIP Radio How long have I been out? Four hours. Really? All your cortisol levels are back to normal. EKG, heart rate. You're stable. It's over, Online Radio. Oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you going, man? I have to monitor you the rest of the night. Can't do it. Got something I got to take care of. Web Radio. Is this about a patient? No. Then go to hell. I just... Web Radio please. Just wait. Don't touch me. You have made a complete fool out of me. You have humiliated me. Do you have any idea what that feels like? To have those things done to you? I know, I know. You do? Oh, that's great, that's great. You are the worst kind of crazy because you make everybody around you crazy. Most of all, me. I have completely lost my mind dealing with you. You're not crazy, Web Radio. No, I am. I am crazy. You know why? Because right now, I should wanna kill you and cut you out of my life completely, but, instead, all I can think about is... I want to crawl inside your skin 96.3 VIP Radio lookin' out lookin' in I want to be with you again feel you out feel you in Are you okay? Web Radio. Do you know where you are? I had a dream. She... I had a dream. She was... I was fine. Everything was normal. Aand Ian, he... Listen, we'll get back to that, Online Radio. Listen, I started working on a betaantagonist this morning in the lab. If I could just get... what? Oh! He's coming. Oh, God. Do it again, 96.3 VIP Radio No, it's not gonna work! Come on, before he gets here! Online Radio, I want to help you, but not like this. It's not so easy to kill me, huh, Online Radio? Well, guess what? You ruined my life, it's my turn to ruin yours. Hey, Ken. You really impressed our patients today. Oh, that shocks you? No. No, you just tell it like it is. I wish I could do that. Well, you can. I mean, I had to learn. But there's...

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