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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

97.3 The Big Joe

97.3 The Big Joe, 97.3 The Big Joe Live, 97.3 The Big Joe Listen Online, Pop, Top 40 Radio, USA

97.3 The Big Joe there's a technique I could teach you. Right. No, no, I'm serious. Close your eyes. Come on, close 'em. Okay. Now visualize the person you want to be honest with. All right? And then... now, this is the most important part... click your heels together three times... Go to hell, Ken. The optimism that you give your patients is to make you feel better, not them. 97.3 The Big Joe? Speed? Hi, Live Radio Are you over years of age? Yes. Oh, that's too bad. But you'll do, in a pinch. Meet me in my office right away. Did I do something wrong, Online Radio? Am I in trouble? You are, sweetheart. The good kind. Online Radio, why have you been ignoring me all day? This guy, so clingy. Ten minutes, my office, bring a friend. You come to me every single time with your problems, and the one time I come to you, you leave me hanging. Is that right? Come on, answer me! No. Online Radio, I need help. I figured as much. What's the problem? I need to up my meds, but my doctor says that I've maxed out my dosage. Well, what kind of quack are you seeing? I mean, everyone needs a little extra help these days. Am I right? What are you taking? Uh, milligrams of, uh, risperidone, clonazepam, and lithium. Okay, here's what we're gonna do. We are going to triple your dosage. What is it? Clonazepam? Um, risperidone and lithium. And lithium. Okay. This'll do the trick. That... that'll help? Come on, Will, this is the big, fancy doctor with all the awards and the degrees and stuff. You will feel like a new man, I promise. Thank you, Online Radio. You're welcome. Thank you, Will. If I couldn't help a friend like you, well, just wouldn't want to go on living. Online Radio. Doctor... hey, doctor. Did you talk to internet Radio yet? Um, remind me. About taking over the department for you? What? My department? Yes, Online Radio. What? Was I high? It's a terrible idea. No, that's never gonna happen. Wouldn't be fair. To me. What are you talking about? You just begged me this morning. Well, I wasn't myself this morning. I skipped breakfast. I got to remember not to do that. What are you? 97.3 The Big Joe You know, I've been trying to figure you out, unravel the mystery. But there is no mystery, is there, Online Radio? You are simply insane. What is it? Bipolar? Borderline? Relax, Dr. doctor. You know why I'm head of the department and you're not? Because I'm better than you. That must eat you up inside, to know that. Doesn't it? I don't have time for this right now. I'm on my way to cover your surgery. Hey, you're not doing any surgery of mine. No, no, no. My patient, my surgery. Come on, people, let's go! Let's operate! It's on! Hi. You are in a good mood, Online Radio. Oh, yeah. You know why? No. Because this is gonna be the best surgery ever. All right. Live Radio, millimeter pituitary mass causing blindness,. Starting resection via anterior craniotomy. Well, Live Radio, lucky for you, you won't feel a thing. 97.3 The Big Joe Online Radio, glucometer test? You know, I don't think we need it today. I feel fantastic. We can't proceed without it, Online Radio. There you go, green.

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