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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Better 40s Wartime Music

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A Better 40s Wartime Music

I've never seen it do that before. Online Radio, could you please take the test again? Well, let me think about it... no. It's protocol, Online Radio. Your protocol. Well, I'm overriding it. I'll have to call internet Radio. That's fine. I'll be finished by then. Ooh. So many shiny things. Hey, where's Online Radio? Oh, he's unable to see anyone today. He keeps telling me that too. Hey. Can I... I've got an experimental protocol for Online Radio... Uh, Online Radio's patient. Oh, I'll get it to him. No, it's urgent. I have to give it to him myself. Is this for the patient he's operating on now? Operating? I like this one. Are you sure? Very. Online Radio, you are too close to the midline! Online Radio! You're in the sagittal sinus! You're gonna tear the vessel! Have fun, Online Radio! Compressing the bleeding. Pressure's dropping. Heart rate's at . Online Radio, are you okay? Online Radio? Is something wrong? Gauze, more gauze. Online Radio, should you continue? Get A Better 40s Wartime Music in here right now! Loupes! I need some loupes! There you go. Sagittal sinus is just torn to shreds. You control the bleeding while I sew up the graft. I'm trying, but it won't stop. Tejal, let's get him in reverse Trendelenburg, see if we can drop the flow up here. Got it. All right, more suction. Irrigation and a ethilon. He's tachy, . Yeah, come on. Just give me a minute. GoreTex patch. More suction. Irrigation. The tissue is too friable. You're never gonna be able to stop this bleeding. I have to. Almost there. Remove the pressure from the sinus. Stats coming up. Second unit going in. Repair is holding. Pressure's coming back up. What the hell is going on? Uh, there was a complication. The drill slipped. Oh, and you expect me to assist you with the resection after all the crap you pulled today? No, I expect you to do the resection yourself. I'm scrubbing out. For good. What the hell were you doing in there? Remember when you said the good I do outweighs the bad? Well, the scale just tipped in the other direction. Is he going to be okay? Well, we were able to repair the tear very quickly, After it occurred. A Better 40s Wartime Music How does something like this happen in the first place? I don't know, I wasn't there when it happened. And the tumor? Completely gone. And the biopsy was negative, so Live Radio won't need any radiation treatment. A Better 40s Wartime Music And his sight should be completely restored within six to eight weeks. Now, Live Radio did lose a lot of blood because of the tear, so his recovery may be a bit slower. Uh, just a few extra days here. Should I get a lawyer? I mean, whose fault is this anyways? Uh, it's no one's... It's our fault. You should get a lawyer. That's the truth. Hey. I tried to stop him. I know. But it's over now. What do you mean? Give me your arm. What's this? This antagonist has greater affinity for your neural receptors than the original kill drug. How do you know it'll work? This one I had tested. Twice. And I'll stop him from coming randomly? It's not a cureall, but you're back to normal. I don't think I can live with that kind of normal anymore. I will hold all lights on you we give ourselves a shining star

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