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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Better 50s & 60s Jukebox

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A Better 50s & 60s Jukebox

A Better 50s & 60s Jukebox Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to welcome to the stage this afternoon four of Australia's deadliest entertainers. The one, the only, the very talented internet Radio Songbirds! They never call me nigger, never put no dog on me. I'm fighting to free him, and my mama ain't free in Louisville! Kiss me... Oi! You having one of them dirty dreams again'? Nick off, will you? I said get up, you lazy mongrel! We've got a talent contest to win. Jeez, I was having the best dream of my life, and you had to ruin the whole blasted thing. Online Radio! What's wrong with you? She's mad, like you. Doesn't mean she has to suck my flaming face off. I don't see how you're going to win any contest if I'm not there. I told you, you can't come. You're not old enough. They won't let you in. They wouldn't know how old I was unless you told them! Online Radio, you're not going! That's the end of it. Hurry up, Dad. I need some hot water for the shower. Well, you should have got up half an hour earlier, then. We haven't got half an hour. We're gonna miss the flamin' bus. Yeah, yeah. Glorious day, Online Radio Rack off, goatface. Good job. How could internet Radio not love that? You're not the first girl that's ever been left at the altar. What do you expect from a Middleton, anyway? Yellow bird. Up high in banana tree. Did your lady friend leave the nest again? That is very bad. Ooh. A Better 50s & 60s Jukebox Makes me feel so sad. Ooh. You can fly away. In the sky away. You more lucky than me. Yellow bird... What? If I'm not coming with you, I'm not singing with you. Up high in banana tree. Yellow bird. You sit all alone like me. Better fly away. Ooh. In the sky away. Ooh. Picker coming soon. Pick from night to noon. Black and yellow you. Like banana too. They may pick you someday. ". Still not going. See ya. There's a land that is fairer than day. And by faith we can see it afar. For the Father... Cooee! Hey, hey, hey! What's his problem? It's 'cause we're black, stupid. No. It's 'cause you're ugly. Taxis always stop for me. Now, now, girls. In the sweet by and by. We shall meet A Better 50s & 60s Jukebox Going into town? Here's trouble. Wake up! Get up, you drongo! I'm a Online Radio... " Hey! Get out of my life, you horrible little gobshites! I'm a Online Radio. I'm a Online Radio. I'm a Online Radio. Daddyo. Got what I got the hard way. And I'll make it better each and every day. So, honey... " Bite me, dog. Don't you fret... ". Come on, Buster, come on. Morning. Well, thank you for turning up. You are welcome, sweet tits. You're on your last warning, boyo. Blow it out your flabby arse. Hello. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome. My name is Live Radio Lovelace, and as you can probably tell from my accent, I am from Melbourne. Pause for laughter. You're getting the idea. I kind of start off slow, and then I slowly peter out. Alright, let's get going here. First up, we've got Live Radio. Where are you, Live Radio, you skinnyarsed... A Better 50s & 60s Jukebox Too kind. That's your music, is it, love? Live Radio is going to play one of my personal favourites, a song made famous by the Seekers. She's got her own guitar, so I'm just going to leave her to it.

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