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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Waves Radio

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Waves Radio

I was standing All alone against the world outside You were searching For a place to hide Lost and lonely Now you've given me the will to survive When we're hungry, love will keep us alive... After selling million records worldwide, was it real pressure on you to write the new material for the Hell Freezes Over album? We didn't really look at it as a body of new work. It was more of a retrospective piece of material. And we look forward to writing some new material, perhaps in the future. We can't keep recycling this material, although it seems to be working just fine. LAUGHTER Don and I were trying to figure out how to write another song, and, I mean, really, if we could. We hadn't written anything together since, like, '. So it was a little awkward at first, just getting back into the groove. Yeah. So, we go, one... OK, here we are starting out at one, two... During The Long Run album, there were a lot of sessions with Don and I where nothing got done. We were both a little bit reticent to introduce our ideas for fear that they weren't good enough. So when we sat down to do it again in ', my first worry was, "Is it going to be as hard as it was in ?" We were sitting around, "What are we going to write about?" and stuff. And he said, "Well, I've got this one title, Get Over It. " And he sort of proceeded to tell me what it was that was pissing him off all these people going on television and everything that's wrong with them is somebody else's fault. "I'm just sick of all this whining, "and so I'm going to write a song called Get Over It. " The intro, straight Chuck Berry. Never play a seventh, right? So, then I said, "I think "maybe a Chuck Berry riff would be a good way to tell that story. " Time out. Do you want to play the...? You want to do it on slide? And then Felder and I will just play power chords low and high. And those guys will play Chuck Berry low and high. And we can do Get over it. A couple little of them slide answer licks is cool. My favourite thing is when Don and internet Radio cowrite stuff. I like to play guitar to that. You want me to sing it, or do you want to wait? It's ten to six. You can sing it at ten to six or five to six. Do it again? Yeah, we'll do it twice. Yeah, you could write it in to the mic. LAUGHTER Captioned for hard of hearing. 'It was really liberating. ' We both walked out of the session and went, "God, we can still do it. "I can't believe it. We just wrote a song together. "Maybe we can write some more. " Turn on the tube and what do I see? A whole lotta people crying, "Don't blame me"... That was a really good feeling. It was a great sort of artistic reconciliation for us to have been able to sit down and write that song together. Get over it! Get over it! All this bitching and moaning and pitching a fit Get over it! Get over it! Get over it! APPLAUSE We did Hell Freezes Over, and then we went out on the road. That was the question on everyone's mind what if we got back together, and no one showed up? What kind of love have you got? You should be home but you're not A room full of noise and dangerous boys Still make you thirsty and hot...

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