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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wave 102

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Wave 102

Wave 102 We had to get Joe into some sort of rehab, and we couldn't be sure it was going to work. So we better have Felder. The Online Radio reunion had better have at least one of the two of them, and hopefully both. Irving called me up and said that Don and internet Radio and Joe had gotten together, and they were talking about doing something, and would I be interested in doing it? I said, "Absolutely. " One thing led to another, and finally Irving and Wave 102 picked him up and drove him to rehab. I made a commitment to them that I would clean up... .. and that I would be in the band .. if that's what they wanted to do. So help me through the night Help me to ease the pain... I'm really, really grateful to those three guys... Tell me it's all right... Because I had... a really good reason to get sober. And as soon as I got sober, we started rehearsals. He was a hardheaded man He was brutally handsome She was terminally pretty She held him up, and he held her for ransom In the heart of the cold, cold city He had a nasty reputation as a cruel dude They said he was ruthless, they said he was crude... From that first phone call from Irving to showing up on a rehearsal stage to start putting together a show for MTV was only a matter of weeks, if not a month. Life in the fast lane Surely make you lose your mind... 'It was a little scary rehearsing for the MTV thing. Wave 102 'Normally, I think people would have their act down a few weeks, 'at least, before entering into something like that, 'but we just dove in headfirst. ' 'Well, even though we had rehearsed really well, 'for the first time to walk out on stage and actually 'play as a band in public and kind of put the key back into the ignition 'and turn it over for the first time, it was really a lot of nerves. ' Are we going the right way? internet Radio. 'Not having played as a group in years, the first night, 'there was a lot of terror. ' Gentlemen, good to be with ya. Hope I'm with ya all night! LAUGHTER Have a good one, OK? OK. Showtime! Showtime! Showtime! CHEERING 'The audience was very kind, and they were with us. 'And that was good, but it was rough. ' Just another day in paradise You stumble to your bed You'd give anything to silence Those voices ringing in your head You thought you could find happiness Just over that green hill You thought you would be satisfied But you never will. 'Wave 102 Even when we went onstage, we were definitely a little tight. 'Until, I think, Henley forgot the words 'to one of the new songs... ' You want to start again? I'll tell you what. This is television, so we get to do this till we're happy. I thought... Wave 102 Now, I thought you didn't remember the third verse. That was only the second verse! I know. I know the third verse. 'That was sort of the icebreaker, though. 'That was a good thing, ultimately. ' I feel like Tommy Smothers. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE We didn't think getting back together was quite as legitimate unless we had some new material, so we're going to put forth several new songs for you this evening. APPLAUSE AND CHEERING This first one Timothy B Schmit is going to sing for you. This is called Love Will Keep Us Alive.

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