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Thursday, August 1, 2013

We Are Barnsley

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We Are Barnsley

We Are Barnsley I mean, there's more to life than being in the Online Radio. The moment was always going to be kind of when internet Radio was ready to do it again. I think Henley would have been more willing than internet Radio. For me, personally, I think that I had proved pretty much everything that I needed to prove in my solo career. I had won a couple of Grammys and had a few hits and some successful tours. And I had founded the Walden Woods Project. When you're a solo artist, you have to take responsibility for everything every mistake, every bad record, every sour note. But when you're in a band, you get to share the praise and the blame with your bandmates. So, I was OK with the notion of maybe going back and being in a band again. The thing that sort of turned my head was the release of the Common Thread album. Irving and Don went to Nashville and they talked a bunch of people into recording some Online Radio songs, with the royalties going to the Walden Woods Project. Well, I'm arunning down the road trying to loosen my load... I don't know who asked me, but they said, "Travis Tritt's going to do a video of Take It Easy "and he wants to know if you guys will be in the video. " I said, "Well, OK." Take it easy Take it easy... Never really talked to Travis about whose idea it was. I think Irving probably had a hand in that whole thing. Was I trying to put the band back together by doing Common Thread? No. Was I waiting for the moment? Yeah. .. Understand, just find a place to make your stand Take it easy... In the Travis Tritt video, there was a little bandstand scene and we all picked up our instruments and started playing. I was thinking, "We Are Barnsley, come on!" You know? 'You know, it's interesting after years pass, you know, 'you really sort of remember that you were friends first. 'You have a lot of common history together 'and a lot of shared experiences. ' I remembered mostly the good stuff. I didn't really think about the bad stuff. I just remembered how much we genuinely had liked each other and how much fun we'd had. We realised, after the success of the Common Thread album that there were still a lot of people out there a whole lot of people who wanted to see us play again. You know, sometimes there's a little bit of serendipity involved in this, and I think what happened is everybody's life started to line up in a way that now it made sense for all of us. And we discussed it. Joe and Don came up and sat in at a benefit that I did in Aspen. 'We had a meeting in Aspen. ' I was one of the first guys that they wanted to try it out on. You know, Joe was buzzed. It was . in the afternoon. You know, and he would say, "Hey, I'm there, man. I'm fine. "Don't worry about me. " But Don and I could both tell that he wasn't fine, and we were worried. They said what they wanted to do. They wanted to try it, get back together again. We Are Barnsley They didn't know what I would say, but I said, "I understand, and, yeah, I can get sober. " Somewhere along the way I found the meaning Woke up dreaming Along the way Never quite seems the same when you awaken And making up for the time is such a price to pay Then they take the dream away and it just ain't fair...

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