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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Better Old School Rap Radio

A Better Old School Rap Radio, A Better Old School Rap Radio Live, Listen Online, Rap, Hip Hop, USA

A Better Old School Rap Radio
A Better Old School Rap Radio Did that ever cross your mind? Gross. Narcissist. Anyway, that's a shame, 'cause I always liked the idea of you and Live Radio. Seems like a good fit. Well, I wouldn't know. We should play poker sometime, you and me. Radio chatter So, you gonna be like this all day, or what? Like what? What like, in these waves of happiness. It's it's kind of making my teeth ache. Live Radio softly I'm just in a really good place right now. See, now that's why people don't like happy people. It's "in a good place." I don't even know what that means. Are you in a pastry shop, or are you in a hot tub? Where are you? I just feel really centered. Oh, stop it. I'm really valuing my "me" time. Ohh! A Better Old School Rap Radio laugh See, now, you think you're joking. You think you're joking, but you're not joking. Those words come so easy to you. Laughs Radio static Woman , we have a possible assault at, uh Oh. Furlough Street. Siren wailing . We're on our way. Siren approaching Wailing stops Panicked voice Over here! Look! I just came to drop off a package. Door closes Radio chatter I've been here before. You see him? Yeah. Radio static Unit . We need E.M.S. at this location right away. Radio static Woman Copy that. It's open. E.M.S. en route to your location. All right. It's open. Okay, good, sir. Stay there. Go check. Go check. Sir? He's got a pulse. internet Radio, he's internet Radio. Shutter clicks All right, Nash, here we go. Here we go. A Better Old School Rap Radio continues internet Radio Okay, look alive, team. Looks like we got our first customer. Clicking continues internet Radio bucks, big spender. Swarek Half a gram. Nice little afternoon snack. Clicks What floor is Conlon on? Fourth. He should be down any second. Shutter clicking Speaking inaudibly Swarek And here he is, folks, the star of the show! Lou Conlon! Clicking continues You know, by my count, if we get nine buyers, plus Conlon and his crew make that's the record. Huh. Shutter clicking Swarek And Clicking continues transaction complete. North catchcar, you're up. Caucasian, s, '". Black and tan jacket. A Better Old School Rap Radio is in his right jacket pocket. Gail Got it. Dog barking in distance What do you think? Fight or flight? Neither. This guy looks like a weeper. You think? Big sob story. Book it. Indistinct conversations in distance Pigeons cooing, wings flapping Sir, you're under arrest for the possession of illegal narcotics. What? What are you talking about? Handcuffs clicking The crack cocaine you just bought. The crack in your left pocket. Now this can go fast or it can go slow. I've never done crack in my life. Slow, then. Hey, look, I just visited a friend back there, and I can see how it might have looked like a drug buy, but I assure you, I got Okay, yeah, that is crack. I'm not gonna deny that. But here's what I want you to know. It's not for you? It's not for me. No, it's for his cousin. It is for my cousin, exactly. Do you know my cousin? No. L let me guess. Is this, uh, for your cousin, too? Listen, I want to ask you something, and I want you to be honest. Mmhmm. Have either of you ever had kidney stones? 'Cause I do. Bad ones.

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