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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Better Radio - Party Hits

A Better Radio - Party Hits, A Better Radio - Party Hits Live, Listen Online, Dance, Contemporary, USA

A Better Radio - Party Hits
Acting up all week. Right. So combine that with what has been a really crappy time for me personal lifewise, and I just want to ease the suffering a bit. A Better Radio - Party Hits And there you have it. Weeper. I got to admit it didn't look like it was going that way. internet Radio, suspect's in custody. Call for transport. Door closes, radio chatter So the struggle starts here, well inside the house. Doors and windows? Camera shutter clicking Uh, front door's open. All the windows are locked. There's no sign of forced entry. The attacker was invited in, maybe known to Ford. Fight breaks out, moves over to here. Sighs Ford goes down. Now, A Better Radio - Party Hits a big guy. It would take a lot to overpower him. So we're looking for a large male? It's too early to tell. Shutter clicking, radio chatter Uh, head wound did E.M.S. say if it was related to the fall? They couldn't tell, but it was pretty bad. I mean, he was still unconscious when they left. Okay. Great. So, we know absolutely nothing. Radio chatter continues Why don't you two go out there, start canvassing? All right. All right, will do. Shutter clicking Sighs Radio chatter Hi. I'm Officer internet Radio. I was wondering if you had a few minutes to answer some questions. Yeah. I saw the commotion. Is Mr. Ford all right? Uh, actually, he was assaulted. Do you know him? Uh, no. He mostly keeps to himself. Not very friendly, to be honest. Okay. So, you must be here about the woman. What do you mean, woman? Uh, last night about :, I was walking by. Mr. Ford and a woman were going at each other in the yard. What did she look like? Long brown hair, about my height, pretty. And really worked up about something. Okay. Thank you for your time. Radio chatter Door closes Hey. Hey. All right, so, so far all I've learned is that, uh, Ford's neighbors think he's kind of a dink. Uh, you getting anything? Uh Yeah. I gotta go, actually. What? I just have to deal with something. I'll be right back. Sighs Cell phone vibrates Beeps internet Radio, what's up? A Better Radio - Party Hits, I need to talk. Yeah, I'm kind of in the middle of something here, you know? Look, I think internet Radio's in trouble. What? Wh what are you talking about? It's serious, okay? She's at the station. Can you meet me there? Can you just tell me what it's about? Can you just meet me at the station, please? O okay. I I'm on my way. Beeps Sighs Nash Stammers Can you run this? What? You're okay here, all right? You got this. I got this? This this is your operation! A Better Radio - Party Hits And I wouldn't leave if I didn't think you could handle it, okay? Just stick to the plan. I'll be back as soon as possible. Breathes unevenly Nash, please. Okay. Go. Door buzzes and beeps Yeah, it's like, uh, gin and tonic, except the gin is vodka and the tonic is ethanol. Hey. Have you seen, uh, Cruz? Oh, yeah, she's uh, evidence room. Okay. Yeah, I'm kind of internet Radio? Hey. What's going on with internet Radio? Lowered voice Just come with me. Listen. internet Radio was attacked last night. What? The guy we brought in on the Online Radio case? Investigators are at his house right now. So what does that have to do with internet Radio? Because she was there.

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