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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Better Slow Jams Radio

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A Better Slow Jams Radio
A Better Slow Jams Radio was at his house! Woman speaking indistinctly on P.A. Door closes Glad you're here. Did you tell him about the trees? No, I didn't. Because that's just the start. The more you look at this thing his movements, his spending patterns all starting with the Hartley boy. Rustling papers A witness said that she saw a blond man walking away with a child. Now, Ford has brown hair, but I went to that location at the same time :, the sun's low on the horizon. internet Radio Ford would have been backlit. So there would have been a rim of light around his head. I mean, you could easily mistake him for a blonde. Hey, internet Radio, slow down, okay? No, no. Don't do that, Sam. Okay, look, I know it's a lot, but I'll show you, okay? I can lay the whole thing out. Yeah Muttering Radio chatter Lowered voice What is this? What's going on? internet Radio, tell me what you know. Lowered voice She's bipolar. She told you that? No. I found out by accident. But she made me promise not to tell, so I didn't. Look, see. March , Ford claimed he was out of town. Normal voice internet Radio. See I need you to listen to me for a second, okay? What? internet Radio, you're a little worked up right now. Okay? internet Radio? Panting You need to step back from this. I do? A Better Slow Jams Radio internet Radio I don't. Yeah. Can you do that for me? A Better Slow Jams Radio I am making headway here. I I hear you. I see that. No, this is I have been working really hard on this. Stammers internet Radio internet Radio was attacked last night. He's in the hospital. He's unconscious. Breathing unevenly Y you don't think I had anything to do with it? You were at his house. I was investigating. But a witness saw you fighting with him. He caught me looking through his side door. There was an argument, and then I left. That was it. I left. Come on. Sam, listen to me. Listen to me. I did not do that. Okay. Live Radio They're gonna be combing through Ford's life right now. So are they gonna find anything that points back to you? No. This side door did you touch it? Maybe. Gasps Sam Okay, okay. Come on. Panting Come on. Come on. Sit down. All right, it's okay. So look at me. We're gonna get this sorted out, okay? Okay. Radio chatter All right, sign her out, take her home. Make sure no one sees her like this, all right? Okay. Where are you going? Sam, what are you gonna do? I don't know. Is there someone you can call, internet Radio? Someone who can be with you? You told him. I didn't know what else to do. I mean, what happened, internet Radio? You you had everything under control. I fell in love. I just wanted to feel it, internet Radio, you know, like everyone else gets to. Instead of fearing it. Tamping it down, drugging it away. I love him. I just wanted to feel it. I'd like to talk to my psychiatrist. Can you take me there? Of course. A Better Slow Jams Radio Vehicles passing internet Radio All right, Caucasian, s, green jacket. South catchcar, you're up. Radio static H hold on. Is there a problem? Yeah. I recognize that guy. That's Paul Huss. He's a soldier with the Dowling Crew. Dowling Crew? What's he doing all the way over here? Radio static Good question.

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