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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Better Smokin Reggae Roots Radio

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A Better Smokin Reggae Roots Radio
A Better Smokin Reggae Roots Radio Buying drugs from the competition. That doesn't make any sense. Well, maybe he has an addiction. He doesn't want his people to know about it. Suspect is in sight. Nash, advise. Inhales sharply Nash? What does Swarek say? Swarek's off dealing with his latest internet Radio crisis. Okay, well, internet Radio, we're gonna miss our moment. Should we go? Okay, get him. No, no, wait. Stop! Watch him. Let's see where this goes. Closes door All right, suspect's getting into a black A Better Smokin Reggae Roots Radio Looks like there's a driver inside. Radio static Where are they headed? They're not. They're just sitting there. Typing, beep And you guessed it. The vehicle's on file. Ties to the A Better Smokin Reggae Roots Radio. Okay, okay. They move, tell me. Copy. Siren blares Radio chatter Man Hey, you spoke to, uh Indistinct conversations, radio chatter continues Yeah, we're lifting some prints right now from the basement. We spoke to, uh Cell phone vibrates We'll see what comes off of that. Vibrating continues, beeps Oh, come on, Swarek. Seriously. Sighs Buttons clicking Hi. It's internet Radio. Um you got a second? Swarek? I thought you were on a drug sweep. Yeah, I'm, uh figured I could help out here. I'm familiar with the victim, so Since when do you take assault calls? Yeah. No choice. After you guys hauled Ford in, he made complaints, claimed he wasn't treated very well. All right, well, Online Radio's kid was missing. Things might have gotten a little impolite. Yeah. Well, the brass have their eyes on this one. That's why we've got the whole circus here. No stone unturned. Right. Radio chatter Look, I was just trying to do the right thing. You know, trying to catch a predator. I know. I know I crossed the line, and Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you had to get involved. It's okay. I never should have followed him. I never should have taken photos or gone inside his house or done any Wait a second. You went inside his house? I I'm just gonna I'm gonna release Radio chatter Anything interesting outside? Some partials on the door. Nothing recoverable. Radio chatter continues Cell phone vibrating Hey. How is she? She's fine. She's with her psychiatrist right now. Sam, we have a problem. She went into Ford's house. Wh when? Two nights ago. She went through his computer. Hold on. Indistinct conversations, camera shutter clicks Radio chatter Bet you're getting lots of prints off that, huh? Live Radio Yeah. Gotta be Ford's, mostly. But there's a second set, too. Smaller. Looks like a woman's. Clean? Perfect. We sent the digital image to the lab. They're processing. Hey. Camera shutter clicking You all right? Oh, yeah. I got a Live Radio I got a bit of a headache. All right, I'm just heading back to the station. Okay, I'll see you there. Indistinct conversations Radio chatter continues Lowered voice internet Radio? Yeah? They got internet Radio's prints, all right, so it's only a matter of time before they match them. A Better Smokin Reggae Roots Radio So I need you to listen very carefully. All right? I need you to go back to the station and get internet Radio's memo book. Why? You need to add an entry. Do you understand me? Okay? Explaining why she was here.

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