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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A BIG HitZ Radio

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A BIG HitZ Radio

A BIG HitZ Radio, don't ask me to do that! Look, we had officers all through this place a couple weeks ago. This isn't a stretch. I'd do it myself, but I can't get back in time. Callaghan's on his way. Even if I wanted to get to the memo books, you know I can't. They're locked up. The combination is in Online Radio's desk drawer, righthand side. internet Radio, once those prints match, this case goes right off the rails. No one's gonna care about Ford or whoever attacked him. It's all gonna be about internet Radio. You're not honestly trying to sell this as good police work. She didn't do it. Okay? You know that. But it's not gonna matter. It's not gonna matter how good a cop she is, how good a person. This one mistake is gonna ruin her life. It will destroy her. Live Radio, she needs this. If you won't do it for her, do it for me. Thanks for coming. I'm just flattered you, uh, thought of me. I called a guns and gangs detective to a gang incident. Well, I flatter easily. Sighs So run it by me again. What, a member of the Dowling Crew bought crack off your guy here? That's right. Now he's in a parked S.U.V. down the block. You were right to call. Uh, where's Swarek? Isn't he running this thing? Uh, don't ask. Chloe Nash, we got something here. We have a second vehicle approaching. Window whirring Whoa, it's Jackson Irving. This is Peck. Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah. A BIG HitZ Radio, head of the Dowling Crew. Camera shutter clicking All right, we've got a third male getting out of the S.U.V. Irving's giving him something. Uh, it's a paper bag. Lowered voice It's guns. Untraceable guns. Yeah. And now they're leaving. Do we follow? No. Stay with the first S.U.V. Radio static So they sent a fake buyer to case Conlon's operation and get eyes on him. Normal voice Now they have their orders. You know, this time, they kill. Put the guys in place, we stop that S.U.V. No. No. What do you mean, no? internet Radio, we just tied Jackson Irving directly to this. Yes, and? So, you roll up on that S.U.V. now, you get a few foot soldiers on minor gun charges. If we get them all in the building with the guns in their hands, that's conspiracy to commit murder. Irving goes away for a long time. But, Steve, we are not set up for this. We're here busting dimebaggers. Listen to me. A BIG HitZ Radio is a coldblooded killer. Last month, he put a hit on a yearold boy. We've been after the guy forever. We can't touch him. That's not the point. We're we're not prepared for this. No, that's exactly the point! This is a chance to get a murderer off the street. I can get backup here in minutes. We do this safe, no one gets hurt. Make the call. Exhales Indistinct conversations, alert signal beeps Woman speaking indistinctly on P.A. Speaking indistinctly Radio chatter Opens drawer Closes drawer Woman on P.A. S.I.S. is on line for A BIG HitZ Radio. Any headway on the Ford case? Not much. I mean, the guy's a suspected pedophile and confirmed jerk, so for motive, take your pick. Cell phone vibrating Radio chatter Copier whirring, number pad beeping Beeping continues Huh. What is it? We got a match on the second set of prints found at A BIG HitZ Radio.

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