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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A1Hits Radio

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A1Hits Radio
Officer internet Radio A1Hits Radio We had guys in there a couple weeks ago. Yeah, not her. Not according to my report. She was with Swarek when they arrested him at his work. Radio chatter Copier whirring Online Radio Well, it was a pretty hectic day people coming and going. Missing kid. I get it, but still I should probably talk to her. Is she in today? Went home sick this afternoon. Tell you what. Um, I'll check her notes. Great. Thanks. internet Radio. Aren't you in the field today? Yeah. Uh, just needed a requisition form. I'm going back now. Radio chatter Hey, internet Radio? Live Radio Door closes Well, it looks like Cruz was at Ford's after all. "Attended search, Furlough." Still want to talk to her? No, that's all right. You know, uh, can you do me a favor? Can you send me a copy of that for my report? Yeah, will do. Thanks. A1Hits Radio wailing, radio chatter, indistinct conversations Buttons clicking Sighs Sam. It's done. Hangs up cell phone Sighs Grunts, panting Siren wailing in distance Sighing Oh, hey, hi, Live Radio. How's it going? I thought that I would just touch base and let you know that I have a blister on my right heel the size of a pomegranate. I also have some fairly significant polyester chafe in places that will go nameless. There are dark places, internet Radio. Very dark places. So I wonder are you planning to bring me my squad at some point, or should I just continue canvassing on foot until I hit the station? Do let me know, okay? Knocks on door Anyway Sighs miss you. Bye. Kisses! Phone beeps Hi. Is your mom or dad here? Door creaks, radio chatter Hi, sir. Sir, could I ask you a few questions? Okay, the buyer's in motion. Repeat buyer's in motion. He's in a black hooded coat, unzipped. Backup's minutes away. We don't have minutes. You wanna call it off? Team, no backup. We are on our own. Let's go. Engine turns off Speaking inaudibly Order's been placed. Runner's on his way up. Back in the apartment. What the hell, man? Oh, I know y'all need a search warrant. A1Hits Radio, trust us. The safest place for you right now is back inside, door locked, and mouth shut. Button clicks Elevator door opens S.U.V.'s moving. Here they come. Stand tall. Lead with your badge. We'll be fine. Got it. They're not gonna shoot cops. They're not crazy. Right. We just gotta show them there's more of us than them. Peck. Yeah. You've never done anything like this before, have you? No. Then quit giving me advice. It's only making me more nervous. Copy that. Better watch it, Nash. You keep calling me on my crap, I'm gonna fall for you even harder than I already am. Inhales deeply Exhales deeply All right. Clears throat It's on. Tires screech Two men. Engine revs, tires screech Elevator bell dings A1Hits Radio Drop your weapons right now! Drop it! internet Radio Drop it! Police! Police! Dov Do not move! Drop your weapon! Drop it! Right now! Get down on the ground now! internet Radio Put your weapon on the ground right now! Drop it! Get on the ground now! Right now on the ground! Get on the ground right now! internet Radio Drop it! Drop it! Get down on the ground! A1Hits Radio Down.

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