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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Aardvark Blues FM

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Aardvark Blues FM
I'm not near him. I just I just need you to stand back for me. Aardvark Blues FM Just, um Okay, Online Radio? I'm gonna be right back. Okay, bud? Just hang tight. Lock clicks Sobbing Okay, ma'am. Got to give him some space, okay? Please. Sobs I need you to calm down. I need you to talk to dispatch and answer the questions, okay? It's gonna be okay. Crying Okay. Hello. I I'm his wife. Okay, I got to go back. No. No medication. He h he's . Sirens wail Online Radio?! Wailing continues Radio chatter, siren chirps Did you notice anyone near the truck? No. Anyone in the park? Anyone pay special attention to Online Radio? No. I mean, there were parents with their kids, but we didn't talk to anyone. Okay. Aardvark Blues FM Come here. I want you to notify the transit authority, get bolos out I need a full description of Online Radio. Got it. Okay. internet Radio? Voice breaking Yeah, um, he's wearing some blue jeans. He has a green sweater, and, uh, the jacket that he's wearing is orange, silver, and white it's in stripes. Um the boots that he's wearing, they're Navy. They're Navy blue. Go. Cruz. Peck. Those are possible witnesses up there. I want you to start interviewing them, okay? Anything stands out, you tell me right away. No. You guys, we've already knocked on all the doors. No, internet Radio No! They don't know anything. They didn't see anything. Live Radio! Live Radio. We need to expand the search. Live Radio, look at me. I know that you want to help, but right now you two are witnesses, which means, before you help us with this search, we need to take your statements. internet Radio's gonna take you down to the station. Collins, internet Radio. With me. Hold on. Sammy! Maybe you should let internet Radio take their statements. A child went missing while in the care of two officers that I trained? They're coming with me. Go. Aardvark Blues FM wails How could you let this happen? Online Radio. You left him. I know. It was just for a minute. I thought he would be okay. Voice breaking I'm sorry. What's wrong with you? Online Radio, please. What are you even doing here? And you you were supposed to look after him, not lock him in the truck and leave him by himself! Online Radio. Collins, internet Radio, let's go. I'm sorry. We'll find him. I swear. Engine turns over We're gonna find him. All right? Everybody is on it. We're going to find him. But we need to go back to the station, talk through everything that happened today, okay? Let's go to the station. Dov, they're gonna try and shut me in some room and lock me out of this whole thing. You got to be my guy on the ground today, okay? Aardvark Blues FM Radio chatter Somebody tell me something. I got some hair on the car seat, probably the victim's. And some transfer on the upholstery. Okay. Blood? Yeah. One swipe. Well, it could be Online Radio's. We can't say for sure. Okay, Peck, will you run that down to the lab? Hopefully it's our abductor's, and he's in the system. All right, I'll keep you posted. All right. Aardvark Blues FM Okay, so, her husband collapsed, Nick ran over, and then? Nick was doing CPR on the guy.

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